Myths About Omaha Poker Game

Omaha Hi Lo is the version of poker which provides not one but two chances to win the pot in one game. In this version, a player plays for the high or the low pot of the poker game. He might even play to deal the pot, i.e., to win the two pots – high and low. Although a skill game, there exist some myths about Omaha Hi Lo, and assuming them costs a player substantial amount of money. We will be debunking a few of the myths of Omaha Poker online game.

Always Play Hands with Ace 

When playing Omaha Hi Lo poker, you must not forget that it’s a four card game and certainly not a two card game which you have been playing for such a long time. Like holding ace in Texas Hold’em poker is the best thing, but it can establish to be the worst card for an Omaha player targeting for ‘lower’ 5-card combo. For example, you are dealt A-8-4-4. You can generate multiple combos with this hand but if the flop dealt is ‘K-10-6’, you will discover yourself in a place where you cannot fold without viewing the turn and river card. Continue reading “Myths About Omaha Poker Game”

Rise of Women Poker Players in India

India is a colourful country known for numerous great things. From being the largest democracy of the world to being the most populous country, India is great. It is one of those nations where you can discover the most cricket and football game crazy lovers in the globe. The national sport of India is hockey but it is cricket and also football which rules the heart of Indians.

After these two games, the next sports game which is close to the heart of the Indian youth is Poker. Although this indoor skill game might not have jumped into your mind initially and might come as a revelation to many, but reputation of poker is growing enormously in India.

And now, India is gradually moving towards legal poker rooms, national events and more than hundred thousand of full-time poker pro. With the rising number of poker fans, you can now find a lot of poker rooms in different states and loads of poker online sites in India. Continue reading “Rise of Women Poker Players in India”

The Chess and The Poker

Hello poker lovers! Have you played chess, ever? Do you play the games, poker and chess both? Then you are not the only one. Let us tell you a secret. Many chess players such as famous chess player Jeff Sarwer, play poker and have been fairly victorious in the poker world as well. Poker and Chess are two games with diverse game play. Poker is a game which uses cards while chess is a game with no elements of luck. But both the games share a few key similarities that make chess players’ good contenders play poker, and regularly, poker players suited to play chess.

How do Poker and Chess link? 

1] Poker and chess need the right frame of mind to learn the effort it takes to be successful in intricate mind games.

2] Like poker players have to constantly learn about poker strategies, likewise chess players read chess books to be updated on the newest game theories. Furthermore, chess players have to evaluate their game moves with other players in the similar way as poker players have to evaluate their challengers play. Continue reading “The Chess and The Poker”

Recharge Your Mind to Play Poker Game

You play cricket, you play hockey, you play football, you play tennis and so the list of sports go on. You take part in different tournaments of these sports. Similarly, in the recent days poker has become more of sports than just medium of gambling and earning money.

Hockey, cricket, football, etc are physical sports but poker is mental one just like chess is a mental sport. Hence, we are here today with a few tips that you ought to follow to recharge your mind and body and ultimately play poker  online game:


Meditation might appear to you as made particularly for flighty spiritualists, but it is the ideal way to exercise your mind. Just as occupied minds cannot focus on the current task and adverse emotions mislead your reasoning, they can also impact your poker game significantly. So, if you meditate regularly, at least for 10 minutes, it will help bring peace, clarity in thoughts and enlightenment that is crucial to stay active and neutral in stressful scenarios.  Continue reading “Recharge Your Mind to Play Poker Game”

Reason Behind Texas Hold’em Poker Being Famous

Texas Hold’em Poker is quite a bit easier to play than a few of the other poker games out there. A good reason for this is the truth that each player has only 2 cards which are distinct from the other players. This makes the poker game faster and more challenging, which raises the delight levels of the game.

Texas Hold’em causes bluffing much harder by putting all the cards you can use to turn your winning hand in a community stack for all to use. The only element you have to form is a distinct hand from everyone else’s is 2 hole cards dealt at the starting of the hand. The game is difficult to bluff as you are able to observe the eyes of the other players as the community cards are revealed.

With plenty of practice you can observe and get a feel which player has what cards by observing their looks at the cards. Even if their looks do not give their hands away their eyes will. Somebody will tend to concentrate on cards they might be able to implement. You can also tell what they have by their insufficient reactions to other cards, if a player dismisses a card instantly you can decide what type of hand he might be holding.

Gambling in Texas Hold’em Poker is fairly easy. There are 4 rounds in the Texas Hold’em and after each round a new round of playing is crafted. Pots grow quickly in Texas Hold’em and if you don’t play wise you will be one of the losers who are wiped out fast from the game. If you play with your head it is likely to win large sums of funds in just some rounds of play.

If Texas Hold’em Poker is your game, then it will usually be easy to discover people who are willing to play and it will be pretty simple to find some skilled players. if your game is a less common poker game such as Caribbean stud poker then it would be tough to get people who know the game and are prepared to play, and if you have people who are prepared to play but want you to demonstrate them how, the game will be of less fun.

The game has been made even more famous in recent times, thanks to all the television shows that have sprang up, this and all the distinct high stakes Texas Hold’em competitions that are always taking place someplace have made people who would customarily not have been interested in poker. They have begun to learn the game.

The longer Texas Hold’em Poker tops the charts of the most famous casino games the more people who are going to wish to learn to lay the poker game and this will just get the game more famous and will make sure it will be out there for a long time.


Responsible Gaming for Poker Lovers

Are you an ardent poker player? Ever considered what responsible gaming is. No idea! In layman words, responsible gaming represents playing a disciplined game until the point it does not impact your mind and body. All games have a break-even phase. So, playing a game according to the poker rules set and understanding when to quit playing the game is called responsible gaming!

Let’s study the idea of responsible gaming. Poker is the game based on skill which that can be perfected with appropriate study and continuous practice. A few people play poker as an amateur and a few people play it professionally. However, there are few players who are hooked to poker and don’t learn when is the correct time to take a break thus resulting in addictive behaviour. To the contrary, a player who knows when to play and when to stop and follow game rules is the one who practices responsible gaming.

As a player, you have a responsibility to not just yourself but to other players too keeping the game of poker as sensible as possible. Online poker India is still at the nascent state and we need to work hard to take out the downsides connected with this game. You hold a responsibility to adhere to a disciplined conduct irrespective of the cards dealt, gameplay and winning possibilities available. Being responsible in-game shows understanding when to play, and how much funds or time to spend at the tables. Below are a few guidelines that you ought to follow as a responsible gamer to make sure safe playing experience: Continue reading “Responsible Gaming for Poker Lovers”

How to Cope with Downturns in Online Poker?

Are you an online poker player? Have you ever experienced downturns in poker? A poker downturn happens when your losses are more than your success. The key factors behind these are bad beat, monetary crisis, rough playing manner, excess alcohol consumption, personal disappointment, etc. If you have been facing poker downturns quite regularly, then try the following suggestions to cope with them:

 Take Rest and Let go your Frustration 

If you have been facing repeated downturns in poker, then it’s surely the time to stop the game for a while. For example, you can go for a holiday to release your stress. This will help you begin anew and get your game back on track. Primarily, you can try things that will enable you wash off the stress; it can be anything like exercise, dance classes, reading classes, etc. Continue reading “How to Cope with Downturns in Online Poker?”

6 Factors to Look When Selecting Where to Play Online Poker

With countless online poker sites available to select from, it can be hard to discover the one that is best for you. Making this procedure even tougher is the abundance of affiliate sites that distribute misleading or false info to promote the sites that offer them the greatest commissions.

 However, if you look these six factors, you can come across an online poker site that is most suitable for you! 

Platform and Poker State Restrictions 

Many poker sites are either confined from operating within several countries or states, or simply decide upon not to. In India many states have banned poker game such as Gujarat, Telangana, Assam or Odisha. Hence, you should probably start by narrowing down your options to sites which is maintaining the rules legally. Continue reading “6 Factors to Look When Selecting Where to Play Online Poker”

Gift Ideas for Poker Players

Who doesn’t love gifts? But thinking what gifts to buy for someone is tough. Whether you are buying for a small kid or for someone who play poker professionally, gifts surely make them happy. Perhaps the occasion is the birthday of a poker player or they have just won a poker event and celebrating the success with you, gifts can be toppings to their success.

Hence, we are here to suggest you some brilliant gift ideas for those poker players’ whose party you are going to attend this weekend. Sneak a peek:

Poker Books 

Books are great gifts always. And poker players are fond of books. Thus books come first in our list. You can buy them books about poker strategies, event and also books related to rules and all the facts about poker. Continue reading “Gift Ideas for Poker Players”

5 Funkiest Card Shuffles in Poker Game

Ever been at an online poker or poker live game with a dealer with genuine shuffling skills? Or do you have a close friend whose deftness of hand turns you green with jealousy? Well, simmer no longer, as we’ve put together 5 types of shuffles that which are the funkiest card shuffles in the world!


The Sybil cut 

The selection of a good number of great magicians (including the one and only Dynamo, Steven Frayne the award winning English magician), the Sybil Cut is a graceful flourish originally performed as early as 1992 by the American close-up magician Chris Kenner. The fact is, this shuffle became so legendary that it influenced most of the two-handed card cuts performed in the recent day.


The Riffle shuffle 

If you aren’t convinced how to master the Riffle Shuffle, take a look at this! Fast and awesome, this is the ideal shuffle for the ones who play poker online in the live casinos, where cards require to be randomised completely. The Riffle itself is merely the first part of the shuffle: the ‘bridge’ formed later on is a great approach for neatening up your pack. Continue reading “5 Funkiest Card Shuffles in Poker Game”