6 Factors to Look When Selecting Where to Play Online Poker

With countless online poker sites available to select from, it can be hard to discover the one that is best for you. Making this procedure even tougher is the abundance of affiliate sites that distribute misleading or false info to promote the sites that offer them the greatest commissions.

However, if you look these six factors, you can come across an online poker site that is most suitable for you! 

Platform and Poker State Restrictions 

Many poker sites are either confined from operating within several countries or states, or simply decide upon not to. In India many states have banned poker game such as Gujarat, Telangana, Assam or Odisha. Hence, you should probably start by narrowing down your options to sites which is maintaining the rules legally. Continue reading “6 Factors to Look When Selecting Where to Play Online Poker”

Seven Short Work Outs While Playing Poker

Casinos and poker sites are among the best (or should we say worst) places on earth to gain those extra fats on your body. It is the place full of derailing elements – stress, hard drinks and unhealthy snacks galore, and physical confinement on a poker online table.  

And, poker is an indoor game that needs longer sitting hours. And on an average a full time poker player spends 60 hours per week (excluding travel time). This boosts the waistlines of poker players thereby leading to the gain of weight and being heavy. It becomes more essential than ever, with the inactive lifestyle, that poker live players should have an alternative to fight this needless weight gain by doing workout exercises while sitting on a chair. Following is the list of some exercises to perform while playing poker games: 

Warm up exercises

Try warm up exercises like 2 minutes walking in place or going for a 5 minute walk around the casino. Or your terrace whenever you get a time to take a break. 

Do at least 10 glute squeezes sitting on your chair. All you require to do is sit straight with your feet flat on the floor, and then contract your glutes. Hold for 3 seconds in order to rise up a bit in your chair prior to relaxing muscles. 

The most common is the arm circle exercise. Extend arms and rotate them in clockwise circles, and then repeat it counter clockwise. Even 20 rotations each help. 

Now comes the easiest one which hardly needs any movement. Sitting in your chair do abdominal contractions by pulling your belly in towards your spine. Hold for 5 seconds, release and then repeat again. 

Raising your toe is the best routine exercise during breaks as it lets you to tone the calves without breaking a sweat and with minimal room. 

Carry resistance exercise bands to the best online poker sites in order to do those toning moves and band exercises require very little space. 

To tone up your chest and distress your back, do at least 20 push ups against the wall. 

So, the next time you have to go to a poker room to play poker, just try the above exercises sporadically as and when the free time is available to you. Working out during short breaks can help you stay fresh and think rationally. 

Good luck at the tables! Happy gaming! 


Learn about Blaze Poker

There are often a few types of Poker games that you may come across online. But you have no idea of how they operate and work! With this in mind we are going to take a look at a very recent innovation that has been linked to a few poker games found at best online poker sites. 

This innovation is the Blaze Poker attribute. You play any game that is Poker Blaze game with a condition. You are for no reason going to have to experience any of the long and drawn out delays. This you frequently experience when playing the game of poker online. 

When you play any standard poker game you frequently find that the best playing choice. You can make at the initial stages of a new poker game is to fold your hand. But then you require to sit there coming up for all the other players. These players are still in the game playing their individual hands. 

While this has turned out to be part and parcel of playing poker both online and in land based casinos. The new Blaze Poker concept is going to totally do away with any waiting around. And  it is going to request lots of players who would much favour. This will be to have frenziedly poker playing action when they are playing online. 

The concept behind Blaze poker is simple, when you choose to play any Texas Hold’em poker table that is classified as a Blaze poker game you are not only playing those players sat just about the primary table you join, but you are playing against hundreds of thousands of players instead, and can be playing any of those players the instant you have folded a hand! 

When you first join a Blaze Poker game you will assign a table. And you will then be able to play Texas Hold’em poker as usual. However as soon as you fold your hand you are then separating from that poker table. And assigning another poker table which is just about beginning live play. 

This does of course mean you are no longer waiting for your original game playing out. And as soon as you fold you are then getting assigned a new table. It is worth noting that new table will have same structure game as table you at first joined. So you will be playing or the same stake levels and the similar sort of Texas Hold’em game!

Happy playing!

The Tale Of Online Poker

As with most new things, especially on the Internet, online poker history has humble beginnings that few paid attention to. It’s rooted in those early web days of unlimited potential and eye-searing design. Let us tell you a small tale. 

The online poker world started almost unnoticed at first. Just one or two small websites providing real money games to the online poker real money players. None could have predicted the monetarily volatile, thrilling world containing a massive amount of heroes and villains which would eventually grow to be contained within its boundless virtual walls. 

The history of online poker so far has been short, but punctuated with compelling stories and significant dates. 

The beginning

Online Poker first began in the nineties when IRC was used as the interface for the game. IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat and it is the way that many of the former World Champions used to make some money. The technology at first was very primitive and the games were really slow to play. The way that the software worked was that individual commands had to be entered in one at a time and then an answer would come back from the head line. 

Over time, however, graphics and user interface improved and this brought with is a number of new online gambling prospects. Online Poker initially just used fake “virtual” money so that players could gain experience without risking their cash. It wasn’t until 1998 online poker real money was brought into existence. It was first introduced by Planet Poker, which was created by Mike Caro. Mike was the initial creator of the site and was very outspoken about it. The first Texas Hold’em, game with real money was held on the site and gave way to a whole new type of gambling. 

The next part of the tale

Once Planet Poker took off, it was soon followed by other sites that wanted to get into the action. This includes Paradise Poker came out in 1999 and Ultimate-Bet was founded in 2000. These other sites offered a variety of games like Seven Card Stud and Omaha. It ultimately turned into large, multiplayer tournaments where big money could be put down. In 2001 major poker tournaments were starting to be held online and people were rushing to the online tables to try their chances at this new Poker medium. 

To keep up with the initiation of all these new users, the software had to be updated. Software was created to handle multiple tables and also the payment of cash through internet lines. Party Poker developed some software capable of those parameters and it has taken off from there. Since then, best online poker sites have the capacity to entertain and meet the needs of hundreds of thousands of online customers without having to worry about the system crashing.

The software has come a long way and continues to be improved as technological advancements are made. We may look back in another decade and reflect on how primitive our current methods are. Either way, online poker has made its way to the mainstream and looks to only increase with time. 

Happy playing! 


What Is Chip Dumping In Poker?

Chip dumping in a poker game is something players need to know about for avoiding being cheated. It happens when a player loses a hand deliberately to another player at the table with the purpose of giving them their chips. It is an awfully bad action and can get you banned from nearly any casino or online poker site. Usually it happens in tournaments so that the player helped by chip dumping gains a benefit to give them a better chance to win.

Chip dumping is regarded unlawful by poker sites

Chip dumping is a general practice which is followed the world over by poker players with varied levels of skill. It is not rare to see a pair of players, gathering during early rounds of a game and go all-in. The result typically is such that one of those players wins a major hand from the word ‘go’. And so, for the rest of the game, which player has a better possibility of winning.

At the end of the game, the poker players who got together. And plan this chip dumping round get a share of the winnings. In a manner, chip dumping is a type of fixing the primary part of game and means it is run. This certifies that at least one or more players finish up with big stacks. And end up with a greater possibility of harrying their way through to winning the poker game.

Why Do Players Chip Dump?

The most widespread historical cause for chip dumping is to help a friend. Or associate at the poker game table by giving him additional chips. It is usually committed in tournaments. The aided poker player will have an improved possibility to win the game.

In the era of poker online, chip dumping has become a means for players to launder funds at money tables, which is the big cause why it is an offense at most best online poker sites.

How Do Players Chip Dump?

The online poker con most frequently goes down in one of two techniques:

  1. a) Theoffenderwill deposit finances with a stolen credit card and then dump the chips at a money table, often heads-up, to an assistant or one more account he made. The holder of the account that was dumped to then cashes out the money.
  2. b) Theoffender will hijack aguiltless player’s account, buy-in at a table, and dump the chips to an assistant, who then cashes out.

The real mechanics of dumping are fairly easy. Players will either make foolishly large bets with awful hands, expecting to lose to the assistant, or make big bets/raises, only to fold on a later street to a tiny bet, a bet which any poker player would rapidly call.

The online poker sites are eagerly aware of this con and are very decent at sniffing out executors before their cash outs are accepted.

Hence, be aware of chip dumping around you!

Happy playing!

Top 6 Tips To Select The Best Online Poker Website

Are you looking for the best online poker sites where you can play poker without any hassle and win big prizes and receive great bonus offers? Then these excellent tips will help you select the best poker website for you. Just read on: 

Today you can find numerous online poker sites out there irrespective of which nation you are from. Some of these sites are really extraordinary and provide you an excellent gaming experience. However, there are many others that are shady and are hunting you down to get your money. 

Hence, it is imperative that you select the right online poker site that will not only offer you a great gaming experience, but also provide you ample opportunities to win cash prizes as well. To help you select the best poker sites to play poker games, here are 6 amazing tips- 

Welcome Bonus Offers 

Most of the genuine online poker websites offer welcome bonus to all new players for joining their online poker sites. Bonus offers are basically free money that the gaming website offers you for playing poker. Although you may be tempted to go for the biggest bonus offer, it is often smarter to opt for a bonus that you will actually receive. 

Ease of Playing Online 

In most cases, you will be required to download the client software on your machine from the poker site. However, you should also check if the website offers an online interface that allows you to play directly on the website. Both the software and the interface should be user-friendly, visually appealing with easily recognizable buttons. Although 3D graphics and animations can be very attractive but the basic game play should be your top priority when choosing a poker site. 


Being a poker player you will need to boost your bankroll and the best way to do that is by playing poker online freerolls. Freerolls are mainly poker tournaments without any entry fee that provide cash prizes. Any good poker website will offer you numerous freeroll tournaments of varying sizes. You need to focus on the size of fields, numbers and offered prizes. The fewer players on the table indicate the higher your chances of winning big money for free. 

Read User Reviews & Testimonials 

Reading reviews posted by existing users is an important aspect of your conducting research while choosing the best poker website. Any genuine website that offers online poker India will provide you authentic user reviews, both good and bad, that will give you a clear idea of what you are getting into. It is also a good idea to check out the reviews on their social platform pages. Moreover, you should also look out for videos on the website and on their official YouTube channel that will help you understand the sign up process and the game play experience. 

Safe & Easy Deposit/Withdrawal Options 

When you play poker online for money it is imperative that you ensure the website offers safe and secured banking options for both deposits & withdrawals. A good website will offer you various options and methods for both processes. This will help you to select your preferred mode of payment or withdrawal with some backup options. 

Effective Customer Support 

The customer support department of any poker room is very crucial even if you assume you will not require it. It is very possible that you will face some issues with the online poker site and then you will need the customer support whether you like it or not. A knowledgeable, helpful and courteous customer support team can be a difference maker in helping you win pots and actually receive your cash prizes. 

Happy playing!

How You Can Recognize Rigged Online Poker Games

The reliability and security of best online poker sites rely on the irrefutable fact that their games are regarded fair to all players. However, in an effort to prove their fairness, many poker sites have fallen for the rigged online poker debate. 

The irrefutable fact that stable bad beats occur online and also the increasing complexity of skilled players not having the aptitude to make money attests to the incontestable fact that something is wrong in the approach the online poker sites deliver their various games. 

Though bad beats occur in the real world. The overwhelming quantity of odd circumstances leads many to consider the rigged online poker sites encourage action. And create bad beats deliberately against players. 

Implementation of algorithms

The reality could be that the most important online poker sites have implemented quite a few algorithms with their software and website to attain a couple of different tasks. One of these simple tasks is to steer clear of cheating. Another to put off collusion and much more. It is for making the in general poker game appear fair to all players, beginner and pro alike. 

Anytime an alteration is made towards the true statistical odds of any event inside an effort to level the sector. This perverts and skews the results far from the standard and expected product. Therefore, it is leading to the irrefutable fact that almost every major poker site truly is propagating rigged online poker games. 

Yet, there will be tactics for beating this software difference created from the poker sites. The reply is to find out how the rigged online poker software works. And adjust that in your type of game play. 

Whenever you get rid of the skill and experience from the overall game. And permit anyone to simply win the game by luck or mere chance. The overall game is not poker, it becomes gambling. For that very reason, it is essential that in the case a player seriously want to win money playing the poker game. You have to study the methods used by the rigged poker online websites. And fight them along with your understanding of their software works thoroughly. 

Happy playing!

Poker Game Skills For Online Novice

Have you observed that more and more new players are beginning to try their hand at online Texas Hold’em poker? Have you observed that many of these novice players will begin with their all-in rubbish, and when they reveal their hands at the end of the pot, they might reveal a three of clubs and seven of hearts?

With best online poker sites out on the market today, there truly isn’t any good reason, not to play game of poker every time you logon to your system. But, you will see some players come into the game with all of the serenity of a six year old. They will jump all-in until somebody gets bored, calls, and off they go to another table to repeat the series.

While the tips we have mentioned below won’t help you build up patience. But these will give you a large advantage over your challengers when you are new to the online poker.

Read on the following:

  1. NEVER play more than one poker game at a time. How do you think you can jump from one game to the next and still have the ability to study your opponents’ every move as a new player?
  2. ALWAYS play good beginning hands, such as the top 10 hands: AA, KK, QQ, AK, AQ, JJ, 10-10, 9-9, 8-8, 7-7
  3. LEARN how seat position can play a crucial role in how you bet and when.
  4. STUDY THE FLOP and make an informed choice before you bet. Ask yourself what the best likely hand is and think whether or not your challenger has it!
  5. SELDOM raise prior to the flop.
  6. ALWAYS try to put off your challengers from reading you. If you get into numerous habits, you will be an easy one to read by your challengers.

At last, make your time at the tables count. Learn from the good players and the bad ones and get better at your poker online games every time you play.

Happy gaming!


Play Poker Games And Enjoy It To The Point

Playing games is something that will let you feel the delight and comfort. Obviously, you cannot find people who simply say no to play games. Playing games is something that everyone right from children to elders loves to be a part of. This is the cause why various games are emerging daily. There are numerous games to play on. A few games will let you feel the ease of playing and winning. And there are games that will insist you to finish up the challenges to win the games. And people would love to play games that lingers fun, interesting and let you bring in more money. If that is the case with you, you can play online poker game.

What truly poker offers?

A poker online game is nothing but a family of card games that joins skill, gambling and tactic. All you have to do is to bet on the blend of the cards. If you get that combo, you will be declared as a winner of the game. Betting on the pair of combos might sound easy. But always, you will not be permitted to bet on the same combo. Rather, the betting pair will fluctuate according to the rules and winning combos of the game.

So, you have to play the game exactly and you should make clever moves. The poker games offer different games to opt from. You can either play for money or just you can play for fun that is utterly your choice. All you have to do is to select one of the best online poker sites to play the poker games.

Why should you play online poker games?

Most people will emerge with this question when they are asked to play the online poker games. As you all make out that, the poker game is coupled with tricky rules and regulations. At the start, the players will find it hard to understand and pursue those things. At the same time, if you select to play the game on the online sites, you can prefer a game among the diversity of poker games available. Also, you can discover tutorials for learning the ins and outs of the games. Hence, you can learn and play the game with ultimate comfort.

Choosing the Poker Site

There is endless poker gaming sites to choose from. Among that, you have to prefer the site that gets hold of a choice of poker games to offer. And make sure to select the site that gets hold of best online poker rooms for the players. The site you pick to play should be secured and dependable. Most significantly, the site should make the payouts on time at expected intervals. Bear in mind that, you have to be the member of any poker site to play the games according to your comfort and wish.

Happy gaming!

Interesting Fact And Figures Of Poker Game

Numbers and interesting facts strike readers attention and make them think.

We have collected some amazing numerical facts about poker and if you play poker and are from India, these figures will motivate you to spread this game of skill in India more.

A few figures collected here are rather astounding and others are not so much but the number of the obtainable facts on poker suggests that it is one of the most played games online around the world. And we have to spread the game in India and make the poker figures high for India, as well.

Fact #01

As it is acknowledged, poker was played first at the starting of the 19th century. Almost two centuries later, in 1998, its online version of poker appeared when Planet Poker opened its online gates. It was Planet Poker’s step was then followed by Paradise Poker in 1999.

Fact #02

There are 2,598,960 possible poker hands with 52 cards and the odds of a Royal Flush are 649,740 to 1.

Fact #03

Approximately 5 million people play for real money in online poker and 2 million in clubs or casinos, at least once in a month.

Fact #04

About 70 million decks of cards are sold in America every year.

Fact #05

The majority of poker players are from North America (63%) or Europe (29%).

Fact #06

The game of poker is played in USA (54%) followed by the UK (10%), Canada (9%), and Australia (4%). Most of the rest of the users are from other European nations.

Fact #07

97% of the poker online players are male and 2% are females.

Fact #08

52% of players play poker, 27% play poker live and 21% play both.

Fact #09

62% players cash games, 24% play MTTs, 10% play SNGs.

Fact #10

79% poker players are amateurs, 17% semi-pros and 4% pros.

Fact #11

At the peak time of poker games, over 1 million people play poker at various card-rooms all over the world.

Fact #12

Last but not the least, plenty of poker players are uncertain to join poker online websites. This is because they are sure that their cards will be hacked by hackers. But that is not true, best online poker site like pokerlion.com has very high security. Or else they are not offered with licence to offer the game to the players.

Happy playing!