Worst Starting Hands for Texas Hold’em Online Poker

Starting Hands for Texas Hold’em Online Poker

In online poker games, a pair of aces is one of the best starting hands, in particular for Texas Hold’em poker. But are you aware about your worst hands?  

Perhaps by now many of you have known which hands you are going to fold during your poker round. This knowledge can help you to better evaluate what you are holding at the start of the game. Knowing how to spot these bad hands are a crucial part of developing your online poker game. 

Let us explore which are the worst poker hands and see if it matches your knowledge of worst hands while playing Texas Hold’em.  Continue reading “Worst Starting Hands for Texas Hold’em Online Poker”

Tactics of Shuffling Poker Cards

Know How To Shuffling Poker Cards

With the poker players getting drifted to online poker games more and more, the shuffling of poker cards is getting out of trend. 

Shuffling a pack of cards isn’t as easy as you think, not if you want to truly randomize the cards. Most people who are habituated in playing the poker online, when they sit for a small homely poker game will give a pack a few shuffles with the overhand or riffle methods. But, studies have shown this isn’t enough to ensure card game being played is totally fair and put off cheating.  Continue reading “Tactics of Shuffling Poker Cards”

Reading Hands and Tells in Online Poker

Body language which has the potential to reveal information concerning the poker live opponent’s hand is called “a tell” or “tells” – and you had better learn to keep a good eye open for it: it’s a fun challenge; it keeps you from fidgeting, and it may decide the outcome of the game in your favour like nothing else. In a poker live game, when your opponent vigorously tosses their chips into the bank, fidgets with their chips, glances aside or scratches behind the ear systematic observation may yield invaluable insight and earn you cash. To the uninitiated such technique may seem like black magic, but in fact many professionals rely heavily on it.  

Online, however, things look differently, to say the least. In fact, at first glance, you don’t seem to see anything. A photograph (not necessarily of the actual player) or an image of anything else – from anime portraits to brains in vats – or a blank is all that represents the players. Is “reading” then impossible online?   Continue reading “Reading Hands and Tells in Online Poker”

A Short Guide to Poker Betting Limits

To be a successful in online poker game a player needs to learn how betting works. To be an expert in betting takes plenty of time and practice. There are several methods of making a bet. And each has its own rules and format that many other aspects of the game. Making small bets can turn the poker game more exciting.

Hence, if you decide to place some money in on a game of poker, you require knowing what to do to walk away from the virtual table with more cash in your wallet. Here are a few of the basics of betting and the distinct forms that it can take:


The ante in poker is basically a bet you have to make before you witness your cards. Antes help to form the pot before any cards are dealing. These bets are compulsory and give players more of a stake in every hand. The ante can vary depending on how you play poker online. But, understanding what changes require one of the most vital skills as you move towards the game. Normally, the larger the ante, the more hands you need to be willing to play to stay floating. If the ante is small, though, you can play little percentage of hands, as the cost per hand of folding is fairly low. The size of the pot is relative to stack sizes and how aggressive or conservative some players are. Continue reading “A Short Guide to Poker Betting Limits”

Poker Games and Popular Books on Them

Online poker games are fun! Aren’t they? It is easy to learn them, but it takes lots of time to master them.

The biggest roadblock you face during your play is that not just you have to come up with a strategy when it comes to the cards you are dealt with but you also have to deal with the human aspect of the game.

You have to face some real human poker opponents who are also smart and have their own tactics and judgment when it comes to playing the game with bluffs and counter-bluffs, tell and other means to confuse you.

There is always a few help available for all the poker beginners and even if you are not a beginner there are certain really great poker books out there which everybody who loves to play poker should read, if not to play the game better then at least to increase their knowledge span.

10 popular books on poker:

The Full Tilt Poker Strategy Guide by Michael Craig (2007)

Kill Phil by Blair Rodman and Lee Nelson (2005)

Any Title by Lou Krieger

Elements of Poker by Tommy Angelo (2007) Continue reading “Poker Games and Popular Books on Them”

Unusual & Interesting Terms Of Poker

Hey poker lovers! We believe, you all are aware of the common terms used in poker. Words such as bad beat, freeroll, fish, bankroll etc. These terms are especially famous to poker crying players. Complex terminology such as check-raise, edge or angle shooting is even quite famous to the regular poker players who play poker online and live.

But there are terms which are less used but they still exist and are used as customary poker phrases while playing. We have collected and listed a few of them. Give a glance:


The term is used for intentional bluffing. The poker player wants to intentionally create an image of weak player who stupidly bets. The point is to aggravate other challengers to gamble and have lots of playing action at the table.


It means that you have most or all of the poker cards that somebody would wish to have with the present board. When you have pocket queens, and the other two queens flop, you have crippled the deck.


This word is used to make your hand less valuable because of poker cards which duplicate it.


A five-card combo that forms two different inside straight draws; a hand including three consecutive cards, the card two ranks higher than the top card of those three, and the card two ranks lower than the bottom card of those three.


It is a hand which might not be played for one cause or another. A poker player with a foul hand might not make any claim on any part of the pot.


This word means the player (maniac), who plays crazy and wild poker.


A Texas Hold’em beginning hand with two cards two apart in rank.


It is the biggest game which is available in the poker club.


This means a strong combination which is not a bluff.


These terms means worthless combination of cards.


It means to call more than one bet in one single action.


It means to call a bet after one or more other players have already called.


It means to call a bet when the s player is representing a hand which you can beat, but the pot is large enough to justify a call anyway.


The same combination that the player will receive in the next game due to poor shuffle of cards calls.


Combination of cards with very low probability!

Happy playing!


Poker is a game which has always been lately interesting to people from all sectors. The game has surfaced as the latest trend among youth; many people are even taking on this game as an occupation.

While old people seem to be playing it for fun with family and friends; the youngsters consider it as an entertaining activity. But the time is transitioning now. The game has developed a lot; as a consequence many people took this more of an approach to earn rather than merely a leisure activity. In the previous years, there has been vital increase in number of people who are prepared to accept poker game as a career choice.

If you want to change online poker game into a career then you require having certain sort of base camp to work from.

Career in online poker India can be equally challenging as well as fascinating. Poker is a difficult crack, hence not intended for everyone. So it is crucial to ponder seriously before taking it as a career. One should reflect on a number of points like:

Focus on what you wish – Be apparent at whether you wish to make it a full time career or consider it as a short lived job. It takes time to be an expert poker player.

Making wise moves – Those who wish to make a living out of poker have to think properly before selecting it as a career choice. Proper planning is required to begin with. Like any other career, start with low risk by playing low-limit games and steadily climb the ladder as you learn the tactics & methods of the game.

Time management – You require putting in particular number of hours in the game for carrying out just like any other profession. Furthermore, always remember you are playing to use quality time & to learn the game, not to use your bankroll.

Coping with stress – The poker is a game of high pressure & solitude. It requires a lot of persistence, commitment for the game, determination to take risks and confident energy. There may not be an assured pay check every month. Therefore, only those who can cope with tension can regard online poker as a career choice.

People had to get around their way by themselves through the hurdles that come selecting online poker for a living. Poker as a career gives you name, fame, economic freedom & most notably personal freedom. It gives you a platform for reputation, trips to foreign places, stable bankroll & much more! Happy poker career!


The games of card have always been a part of our civilization. In fact, India is the home to many card games such as bridge, online poker, teen patti, rummy, etc. Most of you might have played these games once certainly. Several people keep a packet of deck of cards with them at home to play in the leisure time.

Card games are not only regarded as the games of talent but they also connect with us as the deep astrological features disguised in the symbols of cards for poker games online. Have you ever given a thought to the symbols on the cards? Ever pondered regarding the concept of 4 suits in a deck? Well, if you have been ignorant of these facts; it’s high time to explore them.

Hearts – The heart signifies spring season. It is also expected to be a portrayal of “childhood” stage of human life. It indicates the component of fire.
Clubs – The club signifies the summer season. It indicates the period of “youth” where one stresses on studies. A sign of club is the best example of component of earth.
Diamonds – This symbol indicate the fall or autumn season. It signifies the “growing” phase of a human where a person work for his/her career. To be precise, a diamond is the perfect example of growth, task, values, security, etc. The component of air is displayed by this sign.
Spades – A spade represents winter season. It is regarded as an epitome of “old age” when people uncover wisdom, approval, transformation etc. This sign indicates component of water.
There are total 52 cards in a deck which are intended to symbolize the number of weeks in a year. The 13 cards of single suit signify 13 lunar months. 365 is the total of all the value numbers on the cards.

Every single value number of the card marks a keyword which tells us about the characteristics of card.

An Ace stands for Desire
2 stands for Union
3 is for Faith
4 is for Satisfaction
5 symbolizes a Change
6 is for Adjustments
7 is an epitome of Victory
8 stands for Power
9 represents New beginnings
10 symbolizes Success
The cards of royal family i.e. king, queens and Jack signify many historical figures. Honestly, the meaning of the cards have nothing to do with our particular game play; but, knowing such facts add more interesting dimensions to various card games like the poker games. Happy gaming!


It is convenient to think that online poker gaming websites are only valuable to people who are entirely new to the game. While it is undoubtedly true that newbies can get a whole lot out of playing online poker games, pro players can also gain from it as well, for several reasons.

It Lets You to Play Frequently

If you have come to a certain talent level with poker games and want to develop more, the ideal step you can take is play more frequently. Most people can’t just go to their local casino whenever they wish to sharpen their game skills or in most cases they do not have a casino in their city or even in the state. Hence, playing online poker game is the best option one can have.

In fact, the best part of being able to play poker online is the simplicity of convenience – you can try it out as often as you wish to and even when you don’t have loads of free time to do so. Most players, both newbies and the pro players, take benefit of poker websites to play some quick games the moment they have the opportunity, rather than hoping to set aside a certain day or time of the week in which to have long sessions at the poker websites. Even a few hands during a period, these online poker games just add to a player’s experience and enable to develop their gaming talents with time.

You Can Sign up for Online Poker Communities

Another wonderful approach of moving up to the next level with your poker games is to discuss technique and play hands with different players. This can efficiently be achieved in an online poker community. In such communities, you can share comments and tips with the other players from around the world and enjoy chatting with them socially. It’s a given that linking with other players will enable you learn a lot about your poker game and be a great approach to pick up a few fresh ideas.

You Can Play Poker Game for Very much Lower Stakes Online

Part of poker game is the betting aspect. By explanation, you can’t gain more experience without playing. But, when playing online poker games, the stakes are usually very low at cash game tables, and additionally you’ve got to tip the dealers. Since you need to play more poker games to improve yourself, the higher the stakes you play at, the more expensive the lessons you’ll learn along the path.

One superb thing about online poker is the money stakes. Enhancing your game doesn’t have to include a high cost. You can play hundreds of hands and gain important poker game experience without having to wager too much money; and naturally you don’t have to pay tips to any dealers. Happy poker gaming!


Poker players are continuously looking for techniques to boost their play. They study the current poker strategies or watch their preferred pros to make an effort and catch that key piece of information that will enable them win the game or be closer to winning.

But, there’s one thing that almost everyone can do to conveniently improve their poker abilities: It is by getting more sleep! It doesn’t take a specialist to realize that loads of online poker game players sacrifice sleep to improve the game when the truth is more sleep is one of the best things you can do to develop your game. Here are 5 reasons we have collected for you and listed them below:

1] You Will Be Much Focused
If you find having trouble concentrating for long durations at the table, sleep can help increase your concentration. Lack of concentration is one of the key causes players make errors in poker. Frequently this lack of concentrate comes from exhaustion or fatigue.

When you get adequate rest each night, your concentration will increase and you’ll discover that you can focus much longer during each session.

2] Your Memory Will Strengthen
Sleep is crucial in helping us to process and preserve info. During sleep the brain arranges info and remodels the communication. This helps us keep in mind important info over the long-term.

Shortage of sleep can affect communication, making it tougher for the brain to retain info. Players who play poker for longer duration and sacrificing their sleep might win a bit more money, but for the long term this step might in fact hinder your capacity to develop.

3] You’ll be less likely to Tilt
With proper sleep, your potential to restrain your emotions enhances. Less sleep can make the poker players emotionally vulnerable, which can lead to tilt. Adequate sleep enables the players to control their emotions better that results in less tilting at the poker gaming tables.

4] You’ll make Better Choices
Being well rested, you’ll make better decisions while playing your poker game. Better memory will let you to remember how competitors played against you or the killer approach you employed to win 10 buy-in in a game a week before.

Poker game is all about having the best calls and good sleep can help you make better choices, which earns you more cash.

5] Your Health will be better
Several studies have confirmed that getting more rest can help strengthen one’s health.

Adequate sleep is one key factor for better outcomes at the poker table. During the recent years, we have noticed how a healthier lifestyle has given positive results to a player in the poker games. Hence sleep and happy gaming!