Best Gadgets Invented for Poker Players

Best Gadgets For Online Poker Players

Do you wish to play like a professional online poker player?  Or want to read your opponents mind and to make them fall in your trap? 

This is the universal fact that poker is one of the most popular games in the world, played by both amateurs and pros for money and fun. The simplicity of the game permits anyone to rapidly pick it up, but the depth and skill behind it makes it one of the most fascinating card games. 

Bold, random and a bit ridiculous, there are many gadgets that might be useful during your poker online games and even enough to distract opponents from your weakest game play.  Continue reading “Best Gadgets Invented for Poker Players”

Funny Poker Stories of All Time

Funny Incidents of Poker Games All Time 

Poker players are well-known for being a little crazy. Most people think it is just money game. They are crazy with but we will all admit that the lifestyle and stories are outstanding. The online poker game has lots stories linked to it in some manner. 

Let us cover two of those stories for the poker online game along with making strategies to sit at the next poker game.  Continue reading “Funny Poker Stories of All Time”

Tips and Tricks of Online Omaha Poker Strategy

Tips of Winning Online Omaha Poker

Many people compare Texas Hold’em and Omaha. While the actual rules of the game are similar, Omaha Poker Strategy is entirely different. As a matter of fact, if you use any of the strategy you learned in Hold’em, you are doomed for failure in Omaha variant online poker. The major differences in the game, other than the strategy are the number of hole cards you are dealing. The betting structure and some of the terms associated with the hands. 

In playing Omaha there are some hands that are simply no good, even though they might be hands that you would play in other games of online poker; they won’t work here. Continue reading “Tips and Tricks of Online Omaha Poker Strategy”

5 Ways to Prevent Looking As a New Player While Playing Poker Online

How To Prevent Looking As A New Player At Poker Online Game

Chris Moneymaker, in 2002, was simply an account and amateur poker player in Tennessee. Sometimes he played poker online and occasionally at the casinos. But mostly he ended up in debt. He had won the World Series of Poker, by the end of May 2003. Moneymaker had beaten the best players from around the globe and surprisingly it was his first live tournament. And it all began with an online poker game which had a $39 entry fee. 

This brought the popularity of Texas Hold’em Poker online. Suddenly men and of course the women began to be curious about the game, trying to figure out how it is played, what should be its strategy and so on.  Continue reading “5 Ways to Prevent Looking As a New Player While Playing Poker Online”

Omaha Poker Online Winning Strategy

Know The Strategy Of Winning Omaha Poker Online

When it comes to Omaha poker online strategy, the most important weapon you have in your arsenal is the hand that you are dealt. No matter how strong a player you are, you will more often need good cards to up your winnings. Of course there will be the times that you will bluff your opponents. But doing so too often will warn them of your playing strategy. Let’s explore it thoroughly.

The tale of Aces:

If you are dealt a starting hand containing pocket Aces then you are in a strong position at the online poker game. One of the best starting combinations is two Aces and two Kings. Having the highest two-pair combination on the table, you should stay in the hand. If, however, your Ace/King pairs are suit then you are in a slightly stronger position. This is due to the fact that you have two potential flushes to get.  Continue reading “Omaha Poker Online Winning Strategy”

It’s 20 Years Completion for Rounders The Best Film To Learn Online Poker

Know About The Best Film Ever Made Over Poker “Rounders”

The world of online poker has widened a lot in the past 20 years! Don’t you agree? Earlier poker played in casinos and as a game poker was not an inch popular to the Indian people. But now, with technology booming, the game of poker online is also spreading its wings. During the 1990’s, the scenario of poker world was totally different from now.  

11th September 1998 was the fateful day for American drama film, Rounders. In fact, Rounders has become the synonymous movie for the game of online poker. Starring Matt Damon and Edward Norton, the movie was based on the theme of poker game. It has been 20 years that the movie has hit the silver screen.  Continue reading “It’s 20 Years Completion for Rounders The Best Film To Learn Online Poker”

Favourite Poker Players to Watch Out

Favourite Poker Players To Watch Out

The Indian poker players are slowly and steadily developing their skills in poker online. Many of the Indian poker players are being established as brilliant player nationwide. 

But there is still time to emerge as the famous international poker player. In fact, the Indian professional poker players consider many of the international professional poker players as their role models and inspiration. Let’s take a look on some of the famous international players watching whom you can learn to play poker online.  Continue reading “Favourite Poker Players to Watch Out”

10 Career Lessons from Online Poker Play

Career Lessons From Online Poker

The scenario for the game of poker has developed in India over the past few years. From the casinos of Goa and novice players to the professionals playing online poker over weekends and on smartphone apps, poker is making trend in India. 

Like every other game, poker online has to offer numerous career or life lessons to learn for us.

Here are some good lessons for your career you can learn from online poker. 

10 Lessons You Can Learn From Online Poker Game

Pick the right table 

A online poker player who does not want to lose money knows that a table full of friends or vacationers catching up over coffee or drinks is a better option than a table full of pro online poker players. Likewise, picking a career or the right employer is the most vital decision you will take. Select one where your own skills are in short supply, have a direct impact on the business and the employer is willing to recognise your role.  Continue reading “10 Career Lessons from Online Poker Play”

The Professional Poker Player Lifestyle

Pro Poker Player Lifestyle

Many people picture the pro poker player lifestyle as one of fame, and riches. Perhaps it is true for a handful of players playing really good in tournaments. Or for online poker players who are at the top right now. An overwhelming majority of people who play this game for a living or as a side income has normal lifestyle. 

Their poker lifestyle is one that you are probably more familiar with from your own day to day life. It is one of hard work, sacrifice and commitment. Sure, there is the freedom to set your own schedule that comes along with being a pro poker player.  

Winning at poker online does not just revolve around the decisions that you make once you sit down at the tables. How you manage your life away from the tables can actually have a much bigger impact on your results than you might think.   Continue reading “The Professional Poker Player Lifestyle”

Bluffing at Scare Cards in Texas Hold’em

How To Bluff In Texas Hold’em Poker When You Have Scare Card In Hand

While playing Texas Hold’em the community cards that are even known as the board, can become a weapon for use to use at your online poker table. 

One of the ways a poker online player can use the community cards to the advantage comes in being able to play the scare cards. However, do you know what the scare cards in poker are online? Let us take a deeper look at this: 

Scare cards are just the exact what they are sounding like. They are the cards that put the fear into your opponent that you just hit a better hand. For instance, if a flop falls with three hearts, a fourth heart on the turn or river would be the scare card.  Continue reading “Bluffing at Scare Cards in Texas Hold’em”