Bet in the Dark – A Poker Term Explained

Know About Popular Poker Term “Bet in The Dark”

An online poker player has been said betting in the dark when they take the action before seeing the cards. This has been dealt just before the betting round or just looking at the hand. This is the term being used mostly in Texas Hold’em Poker or Omaha poker games. 

The phrase comes from the ideas of betting without sight. As though there were no light in the room and you were unable to see the cards. Once the online poker cards are revealed, you then have ‘light’ and can see the cards to bet on!  Continue reading “Bet in the Dark – A Poker Term Explained”

Myths About Omaha Poker Game

Omaha Hi Lo is the version of poker which provides not one but two chances to win the pot in one game. In this version, a player plays for the high or the low pot of the poker game. He might even play to deal the pot, i.e., to win the two pots – high and low. Although a skill game, there exist some myths about Omaha Hi Lo, and assuming them costs a player substantial amount of money. We will be debunking a few of the myths of Omaha Poker online game.

Always Play Hands with Ace 

When playing Omaha Hi Lo poker, you must not forget that it’s a four card game and certainly not a two card game which you have been playing for such a long time. Like holding ace in Texas Hold’em poker is the best thing, but it can establish to be the worst card for an Omaha player targeting for ‘lower’ 5-card combo. For example, you are dealt A-8-4-4. You can generate multiple combos with this hand but if the flop dealt is ‘K-10-6’, you will discover yourself in a place where you cannot fold without viewing the turn and river card. Continue reading “Myths About Omaha Poker Game”

Without Risk There Is No Reward

Imagine if you have a choice, taking risk and getting rewards or no risk and no rewards, what would you prefer?

Of course, some of you might love a quite life having no trouble and taking no risks in your entire life journey. But do you think life without risk is thrilling? We know we have one life and a life without risk is not exciting. The story of playing poker is the same.


The game of skill rather than luck! Will you prefer playing it without taking the risk of winning or losing some cash? We would suggest you not to even think that in your dream. The online poker real money games are the best to play for the ones who are eager to play poker along with risks. And to tell you the truth poker players are very much attracted to the real money games.

“Real money games are poker games played with ‘real’ chips and money at stake, usually with no prearranged end time, with players able to enter and leave as they see fit. On the contrary, a poker tournament is played with tournament chips worth nothing outside the tournament, with a definite end condition (usually, only one player left), and a particular list of players.”

With this brief, we can instantly deduce three things about the real money games:

Real money poker games packed with:

  • Thrill
  • Action
  • Money

The undeniable Thrill

More than anything else, we believe that poker is a lifestyle. And when you have the chance to win amazing rewards just through your skill at cards. There’s nothing quite like it. The online poker real money games are thrilling at every turn.

The continuous Action

The action of the game can be felt in the many hands played. That card on the river saving your day, the energy that flows through a poker table when players are All-in. And even in the most soundless hands where players show action only through their bets or game style.

The Enormous Money Factor

There’s no rebuffing that lure of making money is one of biggest draws of online poker games. It might or might not be just a way of keeping score. But it’s also a major factor behind the charisma of the real money poker game format. Knowing that you have the opportunity to win big with each flip of a card or stake of the chips, that’s enormous!

And that is why we keep coming back to online poker real money games and why we believe them to be the heart of poker. If you feel the necessity of wonderful rewards, thrill and lots of action come join PokerLion for some real money poker games!

Happy playing!

Art Of Raising In Game Of Poker

Adoption of an aggressive approach is best for any poker live or online budding player. This implies a player will have to either raise or re-raise often. Here are a number of good reasons to raise:

  • To raise for value
  • To take control of a hand
  • To get challengers to fold
  • To thin out the playing field

By raising you are announcing to the online poker real money game table that you have a strong hand. Even though you pass over on the flop, you can continue with your aggressive demeanor by placing extension bets until you finally win the pot.

In most scenarios you do not wish to play a raised pot against more than two players. In spite having a big beginning hand it can still be defenseless. The less people in the hand imply having less people fighting for the same pot, which imply having less decision to make.

Possibly the clearest reason why players play the poke online game is to bring in more money. Good players normally wish to make the most of the value of their hand, and go on to bet on a round. But, there are numerous considerations to analyse. Settle on what bet size at the poker card game will be the ideal one for these considerations.

Try to bet a sum that a poker challenger can’t call. Each bet tells its own story. Going all-in might be the major bet you can make, but if it looks like you wish for a fold then you may get a call from someone who sees all the way through your bluff. Be smart and make wise moves when you play poker game.

Happy playing!

Poker Lion And Team Goa Lions – New Entrants In Poker Space

India is warming up to the poker games!

Poker lovers can now leave out the misty casinos and legally gamble their INRs away on their fat couch. PokerLion and Team Goa Lions launched on Saturday, 24th February 2018. Actor Rajeev Khandelwal launched the platform in a grand event. Heads of PokerLion and Goa Lions organised the event at Club Sirkus of Mumbai. Different real money poker games offering in the platform, reviewed carefully before incorporating. Additionally, poker games like Hold’em, Omaha, Fish Party, Blaze and many more are availing at PokerLion. Furthermore, PokerLion is available to the Indian poker enthusiasts in multiple languages for regional benefit. Start visiting to register and avail the SignUp bonus at the earliest.

PokerLion takes the real money poker gaming experience to a whole new level with a clean uncluttered design, user-friendly interface for the poker players, secure coding, guaranteed GTD, audited escrow bank, acceptance of all major cards and 24/7 support team for the users. The website has an improved functionality and enhanced technology. The site is compatible with all updated browsers and mobile devices.

And talking about Team Goa Lions, a team which has collected some of the budding talent in the poker arena. They lead Goa Lions in numerous national and international tournaments. Both PokerLion and Team Goa Lions are subsidiary to an Indian software development organization, Ability Games.

The rise of online poker gaming generally credits with helping spark the poker fad of the last decade. Hence, now play and win at

Things Poker Payers Like To Chat

Poker, besides being an exciting real money poker winning game has also been a source of making friends and recreation since its arrival. Whilst playing poker game over the weekends with family and friends. Or at the poker tables of poker rooms, we talk about various things. From the most popular Bollywood or Hollywood chit chat to the new club in the city. Everybody at the table has a thing to say while waiting around for a better Flop, Turn or River. The discussion flows through many aspects of real life, politics, TV Shows etc. Making the conversations exciting for a long time.

If we try to list the most famous poker table conversations it would look like these below.

Chit chat about Latest Movies

We all love movies; the genres may be arbitrary. Whether it’s the most recent action flick of Arnold Schwarzenegger or an enticing item number by Bollywood actors in some Bollywood movies or about Hollywood movies, poker online players discover them the most amazing thing to chat about. And if none of them are fascinating enough. There’s definitely room to open up a conversation about your preferred movie star or model and pass around some behind the scene affairs you discovered on the internet.

Sports League around the world

Play poker and no sports discussion? That’s unthinkable. In fact, every sport brings the delight and excitement to players and the witnesses moreover. Be it the English Premier league, IPL or a cricket T20 match or Wimbledon sports talk bring a further sense of action on the poker table. In some cases you might get into an inviting argument on some details on the best sports celebrities.

Politics & World News

Folks tend to begin discussions on a poker table with any news they noticed in their twitter feed minutes ago or last night on TV. Even though most of the world and political news is overloaded with accidents, you can always begin a discussion about something pleasant. Funny political gags also have a tendency to rule poker tables.

Local hangout junctions

One who discovered a new hangout destination in the city will share the moment he enters the online poker room. If you are a foodie or love that rock music in a club with a few shots, you can’t prevent yourself chatting about such joints. Many a times, these interactions lead to organizing an outing like trekking or a relaxing weekend in the surrounding areas.

Poker Talks

Quite apparent, every player while gambling on poker table or after a thrilling hand will associate it to a similar example in a recent poker event. Their hearts hop and pop with every single poker news, whether it’s a pro player’s latest million dollar win or a player getting a bad beat at the WSOP. Folks pass information about forthcoming events of poker in India and around the globe and make strategies to take part.

Happy playing poker games!


Hey poker players! Welcome to yet another blog post by PokerLion!

We all know poker is a game which gives us fun and also give us the scope of earning either professionally or just leisurely. Many players who are not professional win good amount of fortunes and rewards playing poker occasionally.

However, there is a less appreciated fact about real money poker game. And that fact is that poker also persuades sharing quality time with friends. You might be wondering how that is possible. We will share with you this “how”

Playing online poker real money is not like watching a movie in a movie hall, where you have to keep pin-drop silence. You are immersed in the poker game, but not so much that you cannot communicate. In fact, it is the best time guys can have to communicate and share a few interesting, or at times not-so-interesting, stories about their lives. A normal guy-to-guy get together is never without drinks. There are a few laughs in the starting, and usually, the end of the get together is filled with some sort of whimpering and cussing at the universe, the office boss, or just simply life in general.

The great news is: You cannot be taking a lot of drinks while playing poker, except when your idea of playing is falling unconscious head-first on the poker game table. To concentrate on the poker game, you will require being in your senses whether or not you are not playing for big money and are not totally alert.

The fact is that the poker game also discourages long chitchats over a single subject. That denotes, the mood is generally light with a joke or two passed on around occasionally.

There are just few online games that give as much delight, excitement, and adventure as poker does. And on top of all that, the joy of having your close friend with you! Hence just make a few calls, arrange for a small and light get together with your friends, pick an empty room, get a table and begin playing the poker game.

Catch up with your friends for fun! Happy gaming!