10 Career Lessons from Online Poker Play

Career Lessons From Online Poker

The scenario for the game of poker has developed in India over the past few years. From the casinos of Goa and novice players to the professionals playing online poker over weekends and on smartphone apps, poker is making trend in India. 

Like every other game, poker online has to offer numerous career or life lessons to learn for us.

Here are some good lessons for your career you can learn from online poker. 

10 Lessons You Can Learn From Online Poker Game

Pick the right table 

A online poker player who does not want to lose money knows that a table full of friends or vacationers catching up over coffee or drinks is a better option than a table full of pro online poker players. Likewise, picking a career or the right employer is the most vital decision you will take. Select one where your own skills are in short supply, have a direct impact on the business and the employer is willing to recognise your role.  Continue reading “10 Career Lessons from Online Poker Play”

Keep Tab on Common Omaha Poker Terms

Know The Omaha Poker Terms

Games involving cards have been popular indoor pastime since ages. And with technology roaring to heights in 21st century, online poker games are being on trend. We all know that Texas Hold’em poker and Omaha poker is the most common variant of poker games. 

And by now you might have grasped the basics of Omaha poker under your belt. But still you need to check out the most common terms to play this variant of online poker. This will help you when you will be sitting on your online poker table against your opponent. Let’s discover those terms together  Continue reading “Keep Tab on Common Omaha Poker Terms”

4 Cheating Scandals Shocking Poker World

Four Shocking Scandals At Poker Worlds

It is no surprise that controversy is the part of life. People love scandals and are even eager to hear about them. Poker world is no different. While we play poker online and in live tournament both and love hearing all the good news about the game, we also love the controversies linked to it. 

Perhaps online poker has less scandal under its sleeves but there are many poker tournaments which have seen innumerable scandals. Look upon the list to know about them:  Continue reading “4 Cheating Scandals Shocking Poker World”

The Professional Poker Player Lifestyle

Pro Poker Player Lifestyle

Many people picture the pro poker player lifestyle as one of fame, and riches. Perhaps it is true for a handful of players playing really good in tournaments. Or for online poker players who are at the top right now. An overwhelming majority of people who play this game for a living or as a side income has normal lifestyle. 

Their poker lifestyle is one that you are probably more familiar with from your own day to day life. It is one of hard work, sacrifice and commitment. Sure, there is the freedom to set your own schedule that comes along with being a pro poker player.  

Winning at poker online does not just revolve around the decisions that you make once you sit down at the tables. How you manage your life away from the tables can actually have a much bigger impact on your results than you might think.   Continue reading “The Professional Poker Player Lifestyle”

Win Money from a Maniac in Poker Cash Games

Win Money From A Maniac In  Real Money Poker Games

Greetings poker lovers! You know in online poker dealing with ‘maniacs’ – means players with wildly aggressive, unpredictable playing styles – is one of the more difficult things you’ll face in poker cash games. If you don’t know how to play accurately against these kinds of players, you might very well lose a game.  

To win against ‘maniac’ players you need to think a few things. Most significantly position, starting hand selection and how to play post flop.  Continue reading “Win Money from a Maniac in Poker Cash Games”

Bluffing at Scare Cards in Texas Hold’em

How To Bluff In Texas Hold’em Poker When You Have Scare Card In Hand

While playing Texas Hold’em the community cards that are even known as the board, can become a weapon for use to use at your online poker table. 

One of the ways a poker online player can use the community cards to the advantage comes in being able to play the scare cards. However, do you know what the scare cards in poker are online? Let us take a deeper look at this: 

Scare cards are just the exact what they are sounding like. They are the cards that put the fear into your opponent that you just hit a better hand. For instance, if a flop falls with three hearts, a fourth heart on the turn or river would be the scare card.  Continue reading “Bluffing at Scare Cards in Texas Hold’em”

A Cooler in Online Poker

What is the Term Means By A Cooler in Online Poker

Like a usual, conventional bad beat in online poker, there is really no set explanation of what comprises a cooler. It simply defines as when you have a very strong hand that loses to a better strong hand. 

Unlike a bad beat, in which another player “sucks out” on you, and catches a lucky card, or cards to come from behind and beat you, a poker online cooler is just one of those rare, yet inescapable situations when your really good hand turns out to be a monster hand because your opponent’s hand is superior. 

A common cooler hand is going all-in pre-flop with pocket Kings. It is the second best starting hand. This is only to get a call from somebody holding pocket Aces. Coolers are incredibly frustrating. You can play online poker so long without any decent cards, that when you do find something pretty. It can be distressing to see it lose.  Continue reading “A Cooler in Online Poker”

Musicians Who Play Poker

Musicians Who Are Poker Player Too

For some of us music is life. And surely the source of breath for musicians! Online poker is the game which has slowly and steadily reached to the every corner. 

It is a game which finds harmony with late night sessions, drinks, rock’ n’ roll and a good amount of music. It is a fact that the country musicians kill their time on road when they play poker with each other or play poker online 

Here we have a few names you might recognise. If you listen to country music or hip-hop when you play poker online, you will know them to go all-in. Read on:   Continue reading “Musicians Who Play Poker”

Bluff Raising the River

Bluff Raising The River at Online Poker

When we first starts out in online poker, each of us have aspects of the game that are more attractive to us, based on what it was that appealed us to the game in the first place. For numerous of us, our insights about poker come largely from media depictions of the game. The way the media has showed poker over the last 2 decades, has lots to do with why people are attracted to the game as a pastime. People think of poker as being an overgenerous display of psychological warfare. And they’re always very preoccupied with the bluff tactics followed in the game. 

This is mostly as they’ve seen instances of big bluffs on TV made by pros. There the player just decides their opponent doesn’t have it and goes with their read. These plays are impressive as people are largely too taken in by the notion of poker online as a battle of big egos, more so than a battle of strategy more akin to chess. Continue reading “Bluff Raising the River”

Bluff in Pot Limit Omaha Poker

Bluffing in Pot Limit Online Omaha Poker Game

Bluffing can be a very crucial part of various online poker games like Pot Limit Omaha, but there are good reasons why it might often play a lesser role than in a game such as No-Limit Texas Hold’em poker. 

In Texas Hold’em poker, the hand that is currently winning is usually a big favourite over any drawing hands. Furthermore, the hand that is winning on the flop will very often be winning at the end. And because Hold’em is usually played as a no-limit game, the ‘winning player’ can bet so as to make it very expensive for anyone to outdraw him.  Continue reading “Bluff in Pot Limit Omaha Poker”