Poker Free Rolls – Get Money for Free

Are you one of those people who love online poker? Do you love engaging yourself in useful and intellectual past-times and games on the internet? 

Do you want to make some money playing online poker India… but not make any initial investments? Or are you not confident enough in your poker playing abilities to risk making some deposits for poker games? 

Then online poker real money free roll is the game for you! Poker free rolls are games where you don’t have to pay any money to enter and play the game. They are absolutely 100% free! Though you require bundles of patience to succeed at poker free roll, it is considered worldwide as the best place to start playing poker. It is usually also the best place to earn and accumulate enough cash into your bankroll. So that you can gradually start entering the cash tables. If you play your cards intelligently, you can make quite a lot of money at the poker free roll tables. Here are some things you can keep in mind while playing at the poker free roll tables:

Do not take loss seriously

Please remember, you shouldn’t take a loss seriously. As with all poker games, poker free roll too has a certain element of luck that goes along with it. So this definitely increases your chances at winning, but remember, it can go the other way too, and can sometimes increase your chances of losing the round. Don’t be too serious while playing either – stay calm, composed and laid back. 

Play with a rather cool and carefree attitude, but not too carefree! This is because sometimes you may start to expect a lot from poker free roll games, and if at all you lose you tend to get irritated. This only affects your chances of getting money for free by playing poker free roll games. 

Another thing is to try and sign up with a lot of best online poker sites in India. This is because all of them will most certainly invite you into their poker free roll rooms, and quite obviously, the more you play, the more are your chances of winning. 

Be prepared with your strategies

Strategy forms an important part of poker free roll, and so if you want to win that prize money, you need to have a strong strategy. You shouldn’t play aggressive all the time; rather, play very cautiously during the beginning stages of the game. This is because at the start, almost 75% of the players take risks just for the fun of it, and all but one end up getting knocked out. After that happens, that’s when you should get aggressive. 

Don’t forget to consider the dynamics in the poker free roll room. You cannot afford to take it for granted. Sure, at the beginning, you will see a lot of inexperienced players, and yeah you will have a lot of luck on your side. But gradually, as all the beginners get knock out, that luck will sooner or later dry up. You will find yourself playing against experienced and best online poker free roll players. So you need to keep your cool, and go for the win. 

Who knows, you may be the next proud recipient of a thousand of cash – and with no investment at all! 

Happy playing! 

Play Poker for Free and Win Big Money

You probably know about poker online, and what it is. And you also probably know that right now, poker is one of the most exciting games that are played nowadays. With all the emotions involved – the anxiety, the tension, the trepidation, the calculated moves, and the undisputed joy of winning – Poker is right now, the game to be playing. That is why every day, more people start playing poker and even start reading books about it. 

So we are guessing that you too want to start playing poker, if you haven’t already. Well, you can choose from the two most broad classifications of the game – You can choose to play ‘real life’ poker where you play with actual people sitting with you and playing with actual money, or you can choose to play poker online with millions of players from around the world. Both of these choices have their own plus points and negative points. 

For example, playing in real life with your friends around you is a real experience, with your favourite music playing, and with drinks all round. But sometimes you get busy, and you never have time to join in with others. Or sometimes some people wouldn’t want to play with actual hard earned money. 

Play online poker all time

Looking at the other side, online poker is live 24 x 7. You will always find someone or the other to play with online from anywhere around the world. When you play poker online, you can choose what kind of games you want to play in – that way they are really flexible. You can choose a type of game that wouldn’t be too hard on your wallet either. 

And what’s more, you can play poker online for free till you feel that you’re confident enough to take on the online leagues and compete for real money. These free online games are called Poker Free Rolls, and today there are about a thousand or more websites that host poker free roll games every day! 

These poker games online are so convenient that you don’t have to pay anything to start playing! Yes, it’s that easy. All you have to do is just filling in the registration for and you’re set. As a beginner, the absolutely best choice for you is to start with the poker online India free roll games. This is because they’re free, and you can learn the nuances of the game without having to pay a cent. 

Poker tournaments hosted daily

Another awesome thing about poker free roll games is that they host tournaments almost every day and these tournaments offer good amounts of cash as prizes. So yes, you see that with absolutely no investment from your side, you can win money! Most of the poker free roll games offer about decent cash as prize money, which is actually a lot of money considering that you don’t contribute to it in the form of registration fees. 

So take the dive into the world of poker free rolls – the game where you don’t have to pay to play but still can win big money!  

Happy playing! 

Good Poker Players vs Great Poker Players

Do you want to know what the difference between good and great online poker players is? If yes please read this post. 

There are many qualities that demarcate good and great online poker players. Different layers react differently in diverse situations and this is what makes them unique. Good poker players lack the finesse and the skills that a great poker player has. 

To begin with I would like to state that great poker players always have an edge over good online poker India players as they know the why of the game and not just what of the game like good poker players. 

There are numerous question which arise depending on the game. For instance why bets raised before the flop if you have a hand like AK? How effective are semi-bluff strategies? When should you ideally fold your cards? 

Knowing the why and what of the situation always helps. It is great to know the to-do list in situations but knowing the why of every move makes a great online poker real money player. Before playing any hand you should know about the repercussions before playing ahead. Just knowing what would not help you to enhance your game further and you would be limited to a good player. 

Know the ‘why’ of your behavior

If you are aware of what you are doing it would take you places. But if you know the why of your behavior it would make you a great player.  

Another factor which bluntly defines a great and a good poker player is the fact that the former table selects while the latter assume they are too refined to do so. 

The importance of table selection is known by the best online poker players. You should always play against weaker opponents and so on. Good poker players have this attitude which states that can make money on any poker table because of their luck and fine skills. Great Poker players actually select a table and then play as this action magnifies their chances of winning. 

All great poker players have the eagerness to learn and improve their game with each hand they play. Their willingness to learn and to enhance their playing styles makes them great poker players. Good poker players are very confident about the maneuvering playing styles and they are satisfied with their games as they end up earning a great amount of money. 

There are numerous differences but only one similarity that both great and good poker players love the game of poker. 

Happy playing! 

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Online Poker: The Journey from Beginner to Pro

Poker is game of cards which requires loads of experience and not considered to be a game for beginners. Poker is a very tricky and risky game for money making. Casinos around the world are crowded with people having huge amounts of money in their pockets. And looking for tables with easy targets to win over. It is a favourite time pass for people to show off their rich pastime to the world. Many beginners get lured towards poker online thinking of it as a way of making easy money and end up losing all their possessions. 

There are some simple and basic learning steps can help beginners to gain control over the game and become a master. First and the foremost, an important thing that a beginner must keep in mind is to not get drunk when playing. When a person is drunk, senses don’t work according to the wish of the person.  

They become an easy target to be fooled and they tend to throw away their money. So, watch the drinking habit. Also, poker games online should not be played when a person is in a foul mood, or is sad, angry or depressed or had a bad day. In this condition, people usually tend to start out by getting a little emotional towards the game. Just like the effect of alcohol, mood swings make them play poker with extreme emotions and they are not able to play their best. 

The term bluffing 

People are aware of the term bluffing in poker online India. Beginners don’t exactly understand how bluffing, an important and crucial part of poker is. People who are experienced in the game know when and how to bluff to win the game. Bluff is nothing but lying and trying to fool the other players. It is not required always and works only in certain situations and against fewer people. For example if the opponent always calls for a showdown, then bluffing that person is very difficult. So, beginners should understand that bluffing should not be done ‘just for the sake of bluffing’. Ultimately bluffing is the fun element of the game. 

Another important tip for first time player would be to get facts straight when it is understood that they have lost the game, they should immediately back out. By staying unnecessarily in the game and thinking that the money put in the pot might come back, is not going to happen. The money already thrown in the pot does not belong to anyone until unless someone wins it. There is no way that the money will come back to the player by staying in the game. The best thing would be to fold right away when it is obvious to the player that he is beaten. 

Every player needs to focus on the game when playing. Focus should be maintained on the cards on the table, as well on players. Beginners should not get carried away while playing and should start by putting in a small amount of money rather than throwing in a huge amount in greed of getting even a larger payback. 

Happy playing! 

Analyse your Online Poker Strategies

When you are playing poker games online, you have to be aware of the richness of the game, probability of distribution of hands and effective tactics. In this post, we are going to analyse poker strategies. But first of all, we indicate mistakes to avoid. 

Mistakes to avoid 

When you start playing a new game, it is normal to make mistakes. They are part of the learning process. Lets have a look at the most common mistake made.  

The biggest mistake is related to the psychological sate which poker online India fans call tilt. When you have just lost big, or are on a winning streak, you can go crazy. At this point, you will choose wrong bets and make irrational decisions. When you notice the first signs of tilt, it is better to take a break. 

It is also not advisable to have a permanent strategy. Hence do not always bet the same way, always change the placement of your bets on the table. Change your re-raise patterns sometimes at the end or in the middle. This way your opponents wont be able to predict your game. 

Beginners always have a tendency to play all their hands. They are mistaken. When you have bad cards, there is no point in betting and end up losing. This just decreases your chances of winning. So always fold when you have weak cards. It is also possible to bluff, but donoverdo it which is another common mistake. Your re-raises will not be respected and you will have to change your game plan or even worse you will be limited to bluffing and end up losing many chips. 

Like any other casino game it is important to have a strict budget. Otherwise you will regret it. 

Finally, like all games which are based on luck, you should certainly not become superstitious. It is tempting to relate luck or bad luck to an event. This type of belief is absurd because it affects the way players play, they take into account things which are not related to poker online. 

Game tactics 

When you are betting, it is important to change your tactics after each new card. Here are the most important strategies: 

The first tactic is slow-play. Betting weakly with a strong holding rather than betting strongly with a weak one. 

The second is check-raise: when other players speak after you, check in order to force them to bet then raise. If you have a strong hand; this tactic puts you in a better position. 

Semi-bluff: player can win the pot in two different ways, by all opponents folding immediately or by catching a card to improve the player’s hand. 

Continuation bet: is simply a bet that is made on the flop if you were the pre-flop raiser, with a king or ace even if you did not improve your hand on the flop. 

Flat call bluff it is a sophisticated form of bluffing. Bet, even if you do not have a combination or if you have a weak hand. Bluff on the next card especially if it completes your hand. 

Happy playing! 

Few Tips for First Timers at Online Poker Table

The poker online players who have been playing the game for a long time find the game much easier. But this not the case for the new players! At many occasions, when you are playing online poker newly, you tend to get confused. 

This is the reason that, the new poker players lose at tables more often than the pro poker players. 

Get know how you will manage you game with the few tips given below: 

Choose the proper game for your level of skill and pocket

Don’t jump into poker games online with higher stakes simply because you just won an easier one. It’s preferable to be the best player at an easier table compared to the loser in the harder one. 

Don’t play when you find yourself emotional

You won’t play your very best if you play poker “on tilt” — taking part in the game emotionally, not rationally. If you lose your cool in a game, take some time out to settle down — otherwise, you risk having other players pick up on your state of mind and make the most of you. 

Be ready to fold more frequently 

Don’t feel as if you have to play every hand – you are going to only lose more with this approach. In case you are dealt a poor hand, don’t stay with it hoping to boost it. If you are clearly beaten, be willing to part ways with your hand, regardless of how good it was when it was dealt, or how much cash you’ve put into the pot. 

Take notice of the other players 

Watch other players, regardless if you’ve already folded. Watch out for patterns, player reactions, and body gestures. File these details in your head and use it at any given time. 

Don’t imagine playing online is just like playing at casino 

At a casino, you can play poker online smartly against possibly more skilled players. Additionally, your body language and tells display for all to see. This is not as easy to figure out online. Hence, it makes the online poker game tougher to play. 

Bluff sensibly and modestly 

Don’t bluff simply for the sake of bluffing. Avoid the use of it as a way to find yourself out of folding on a regular basis. Fold if you need to — bluff once in a while. 

Don’t raise if you think you can call a re-raise 

There is usually a chance of being re-raised, so be sure you are prepared to do this just in case it does happen. 

Don’t call until you think you can raise 

The moment someone else bets, play the hand if you believe you might have the very best one, and you want to make others pay out to draw on you. 

Be a modest winner and a poised loser 

Not one person likes to play poker online India with a show-off, or possibly a sore loser. Preserve a superb attitude, and have fun. 

Happy playing! 

Poker Basics: Playing on a Loose Table

Playing on a loose online poker table can mean raking in a lot of money at the end of the night. It will not be that easy though since you need to make some adjustments and use the right strategy in a high variance game. 

Loose tables 

When you say loose online poker India table, you refer to a bunch of players who are much willing to play a wide range of cards before even seeing the flop. The more hands are played, the looser you can consider a player. You need to make a distinction though between a loose passive and a loose aggressive table. 

There is the loose online poker real money passive table often makes small pots because the players limp or into a wide range of hands before the flop. In a loose aggressive table, you will see raises and re-raises even before the flop creating a big pot. The latter, of course, will bring you more money if you know what to do. 

Playing on a loose passive table 

You have to deal with the small pots in loose passive table. Your basic strategy will really depend on how the other players are willing to call a big raise before the flop. There is a bigger chance that the passive players will raise you than re-raise you, so try to walk slowly into the pot. Be careful and don’t scare away the other players into the pot when you get a monster hand. 

When playing in a loose passive table, be tight but be aggressive. 

Playing on a loose aggressive table 

The kind of best online poker here is totally different from the first one. When you are in an early position, it will be best to fold your small pairs. It is too dangerous if you play it aggressive early on. 

Premium pairs can help you entice players into the pot before the cards of the flop. There is a higher chance that you will be getting a re-raise. What you will do after the flop will really depend on how the other aggressive players behave. Play to give them unfavorable pot odds to rake in some money. 

Happy playing! 

Traps in which Beginners Get Caught while Playing Poker

Poker is an incredible game which requires the right move at the right movement. Learning to play online poker can be a daunting task. Beginners would have to master all the rules and they should also learn the killer tips and tricks to win pots. 

Before playing the game of online poker India you should be very confident about the rules of the game or you may be in for a rude shock. Beginners generally find themselves in tricky situations and they are clueless about the course of action. Most of the times they end up making a complete fool of them by making the wrong moves and their seasoned opponents take undue advantage of this. 

This post should be able to help the beginners by making them aware of the various traps that they should avoid during the course of the game.  Continue reading “Traps in which Beginners Get Caught while Playing Poker”

Poker Terminology for all New Online Poker Players

Welcome to the dazzling and wonderful world of online poker terminology. Just like doctors use their strict terminology, investment bankers generally use fiscal terms. Poker players have their characteristic terminology. This has been incessantly growing with the increasing population of poker players across the world. 

This post would help you to acquaint and fine tune yourself to the current lingo used by poker players. Most of the poker online players are aware of phrases like flop, steamed, all in and so on. 

Let’s take a look at the terms: 

Play Online Poker Third Street means the third card dealt on the poker table. It is the first card which has dealt to the players in the position of face up. 

Sixth Street clearly means the sixth card on the online poker India table which dealt to all the poker players.  Continue reading “Poker Terminology for all New Online Poker Players”

Texas Hold’em Rules – How To Win Cash Games Online

Online Texas Hold’em Poker is a high profitable game on the internet. Here a perfect player can reach the goal without having much effort. For this purpose the first thing required is to participate in the online poker games. This will give the player tremendous experience and confidence. If the player gets as much as experience, then he can start playing real online game by depositing money. 

If a player deposits some amount he becomes eligible to collect the bonus of the same.  Then he can fearlessly enter into the field by contributing the bonus amount of the deposit. It will be better if he keeps a file or record about the outcome of the game. This will help the player to make a self-assessment on the money secured from the game. By bearing these matters in mind a player can make improvement in the field of online game. 

The play poker game is the highly profitable competition. Since this is a cash game it will produce too much mental and physical strain to the player. To sort out this it is better to approach the game with well-planned skills and arrangements. 

Be selective about online cash games

Continue reading “Texas Hold’em Rules – How To Win Cash Games Online”