Play Online Omaha Poker & Get The Best Online Poker Strategy in India

Pre Flop Pot Limit Online Omaha Poker Strategy

When you are playing a game of pot limit Omaha online poker it doesn’t really matter how good your hand is, as you can’t ever get rid of the risks. Other players can still beat your hand even if it is very good. Let’s say you have a hand of 2 Aces and 2 Kings and it is also double suited. If you want to know your overall winning chances you might get disappointed because they are low.

But the trick is to calculate the odds with regards to hands others might hold. If one of your opponents has a hand such as 9-8-7-6 double suited then your chances of beating his hand are 3:2, which is quite low assuming you have two high pairs double suited. So, this situation make us all wonder if we should or shouldn’t raise when we have a good starting hand in pot-limit Omaha online poker.  Continue reading “Play Online Omaha Poker & Get The Best Online Poker Strategy in India”

Omaha Poker Online Winning Strategy

Know The Strategy Of Winning Omaha Poker Online

When it comes to Omaha poker online strategy, the most important weapon you have in your arsenal is the hand that you are dealt. No matter how strong a player you are, you will more often need good cards to up your winnings. Of course there will be the times that you will bluff your opponents. But doing so too often will warn them of your playing strategy. Let’s explore it thoroughly.

The tale of Aces:

If you are dealt a starting hand containing pocket Aces then you are in a strong position at the online poker game. One of the best starting combinations is two Aces and two Kings. Having the highest two-pair combination on the table, you should stay in the hand. If, however, your Ace/King pairs are suit then you are in a slightly stronger position. This is due to the fact that you have two potential flushes to get.  Continue reading “Omaha Poker Online Winning Strategy”

Keep Tab on Common Omaha Poker Terms

Know The Omaha Poker Terms

Games involving cards have been popular indoor pastime since ages. And with technology roaring to heights in 21st century, online poker games are being on trend. We all know that Texas Hold’em poker and Omaha poker is the most common variant of poker games. 

And by now you might have grasped the basics of Omaha poker under your belt. But still you need to check out the most common terms to play this variant of online poker. This will help you when you will be sitting on your online poker table against your opponent. Let’s discover those terms together  Continue reading “Keep Tab on Common Omaha Poker Terms”

The Top 5 Omaha Poker Errors

Omaha Poker Errors:

Even though new Omaha players might have loads of interest for the game, you still have to learn the ropes before you’ll become a winning player. If it’s your first time playing Omaha poker, you’re likely to make the same errors as other beginners. Read on to discover the five most common Omaha poker errors for beginners. 

Applying Texas Hold’em Knowledge 

Most Omaha players begin to play poker with Texas Hold’em variant and try to bring their Hold’em strategy to the table when they begin playing Omaha. This is one of the biggest errors made all the time from new Omaha players. So before you sit down and set up shop at an Omaha table, make sure you throw your Texas Hold’em theories and strategies out the window.  Continue reading “The Top 5 Omaha Poker Errors”

Omaha Poker Starting Hand Selection Tricks

Most of you prefer playing Texas Hold’em poker and show up your skill. But you know that another very popular game is Omaha poker. One of the most important things you will need to learn as an Omaha online poker player is what starting hands you should play. Of course nothing is set in stone and you can make adjustments as you fit. But you should try and follow the tips below to help you choose what starting hands are worth pursuing. 

Any double suited hand where you have a high flush draw with both is worth playing because the options are fairly good pre-flop. A nut flush is a great hand in Omaha poker online and will win a lot of the time so always play these hands.  Continue reading “Omaha Poker Starting Hand Selection Tricks”

Myths About Omaha Poker Game

Omaha Hi Lo is the version of poker which provides not one but two chances to win the pot in one game. In this version, a player plays for the high or the low pot of the poker game. He might even play to deal the pot, i.e., to win the two pots – high and low. Although a skill game, there exist some myths about Omaha Hi Lo, and assuming them costs a player substantial amount of money. We will be debunking a few of the myths of Omaha Poker online game.

Always Play Hands with Ace 

When playing Omaha Hi Lo poker, you must not forget that it’s a four card game and certainly not a two card game which you have been playing for such a long time. Like holding ace in Texas Hold’em poker is the best thing, but it can establish to be the worst card for an Omaha player targeting for ‘lower’ 5-card combo. For example, you are dealt A-8-4-4. You can generate multiple combos with this hand but if the flop dealt is ‘K-10-6’, you will discover yourself in a place where you cannot fold without viewing the turn and river card. Continue reading “Myths About Omaha Poker Game”

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Happy playing!


Is poker getting difficult for you? Are you getting bored of Texas Hold’em? Then it is the good time to master Pot Limit Omaha. Although you might not feel like leaving your preferred Texas Hold’em game, here are five interesting causes for toggling to play Omaha poker.

It’s more Fun!

Whatever poker games online you play – it is not as entertaining as Omaha. Whether you play Texas Hold’em or any other version of poker, it might not be as fascinating as playing Pot Limit Omaha is. If Texas Hold’em takes a minute to study and a life to be an expert, then PLO takes 10 minutes to study and 100 lives to bw an expert. Say, if you believe flopping a pair and flush draw in Texas Hold’em is amusement, then try flopping two pair, a flush draw, a gutshot, a backdoor flush draw in Omaha and discover how that really feel!

The Up-and-Coming Game

Acknowledge it or not! Pot-Limit Omaha is extremely growing in reputation as now a lot more people are learning, taking part in and enjoying the game. This has eventually led to exit of the games such as Limit Hold’em from poker world as such games are now seen in the early phases of extinction. Thus, if you wish to play poker for life, then today is the proper time to learn how to play the most famous game. Hence, learning Omaha poker will help you in the end.

The Games are Softer!

Let’s chat about the level of difficulty of poker games online. The level of difficulty depends on how an ordinary poker player plays the poker game. For example, games are regarded to be softer if an ordinary player is worse eliminating his status of amateur or pro player. Some of the poker research have uncovered that there are no 24-tabling automatic maniacs able to play viably at PLO, the same is not applicable for Texas Hold’em.

The Faster-on-the Draw, the Better

Now is the time to determine whether to play to Omaha or not. First, you may be a poker player who may lose funds to pro players. But soon, you will be amongst them combating down the No Limit Hold’em players who have recently switched to Omaha Hi poker. Therefore, the more time you take to change to Limit Omaha, the more difficult the games will be, and this will eventually increase your learning time to practice the poker game and emerge as a successful player.

PLO Trains You in Other Forms of Poker

Pot Limit Omaha is one particular version of poker that teaches and equips you in other versions of poker thereby elevating your win-rate. The abilities particular to Omaha like difference handling and tilt influence help you to turn into a versatile poker player, i.e., you will conveniently adapt to other versions of poker. For instance, the downswings and upswings are bad in Omaha as compared to other versions of poker online. So, you will be able to easily get over these swings in poker games such as Texas Hold’em, Stud Poker, etc.

Happy gaming!


Hey there all the poker fans! Omaha and Texas Hold’em are the most favourite poker games. Both the games have identical features, levels of fun, excitement and happiness. But, the sole difference is the volume of action that takes place during the poker game. Though both the card games belong to the poker family; however, are entirely different and involve distinct principles, methods and winning tactics.

Usage and Number of Pocket Cards

The crucial difference between the two is the number of pocket or hole cards got by each player. Hole cards are those which are dealt (face down) to every poker player in the beginning of game. In Texas Hold’em poker, a participant gets two hole cards whereas in Omaha poker, the player gets four cards. In Texas Hold’em, the player selects whether to use a single or both the hole cards in combo with the community cards, however , in Omaha Poker, he must use precisely two hole cards out of the four, to create a poker hand by merging these two with the three community cards. This results in very much higher possibilities of forming a hand in Omaha as players will get to stay even more in the poker game till flops. Therefore, more betting can be anticipated throughout the whole hand.

How to Play

Post dealing of cards, a round of wagering happens and players analyze their cards to find if they have a well positioned hand. All the players have four choices. They can, either call the blind, raise it up or just fold their hand if they discover their poker cards are not well positioned. After the initial round of gambling “flop” takes place and three community cards are dealt face up. An additional round of betting occurs and the “turn” card is dealt. Subsequent round of gambling occurs – the “river” in which the concluding community card is dealt face up. The three out of these five community cards can be put to use by all players to form their poker hand. Now, the last round of playing occurs and the poker player with the best five card hand is the winner of the pot.

Comparative Hand Strength

Only the difference in the number of the hole cards changes the game play tactics of the two games. Omaha poker involves more of “straight”, “three-of-a-kind”, “full houses” and “flushes” as each player has two additional cards in his hands. As a solution a “pair” is hardly ever a winning hand in Omaha, while in Texas Hold’em you can have a fair opportunity if you have “pair” or two pair.

Bluffing and Drawing

Though not difficult, bluffing your competitors is much harder in Omaha, as big winning hands occur often. Players are unlikely to “fold” in Omaha when compared with Texas Hold’em as they are provided many outs to strike their hand. The fact is, Omaha is commonly regarded as a drawing game as there are numerous outs that will total a hand.

Bigger Pots

The reality that each player gets four hole cards to begin the game, outcomes in bigger pots in Omaha. There are a huge number of likely combinations which encourages players to remain in the poker game.

Both these poker games are fast paced, although some players regard Omaha faster. Both are evenly exciting and fun-filled. It takes pointed mind and a lot of valour to be a good poker player. You cannot usually win every game; all you require to do is to select the right stake poker table.