Win Money from a Maniac in Poker Cash Games

Win Money From A Maniac In  Real Money Poker Games

Greetings poker lovers! You know in online poker dealing with ‘maniacs’ – means players with wildly aggressive, unpredictable playing styles – is one of the more difficult things you’ll face in poker cash games. If you don’t know how to play accurately against these kinds of players, you might very well lose a game.  

To win against ‘maniac’ players you need to think a few things. Most significantly position, starting hand selection and how to play post flop.  Continue reading “Win Money from a Maniac in Poker Cash Games”

The Tale Of Online Poker

As with most new things, especially on the Internet, online poker history has humble beginnings that few paid attention to. It’s rooted in those early web days of unlimited potential and eye-searing design. Let us tell you a small tale. 

The online poker world started almost unnoticed at first. Just one or two small websites providing real money games to the online poker real money players. None could have predicted the monetarily volatile, thrilling world containing a massive amount of heroes and villains which would eventually grow to be contained within its boundless virtual walls. 

The history of online poker so far has been short, but punctuated with compelling stories and significant dates. 

The beginning

Online Poker first began in the nineties when IRC was used as the interface for the game. IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat and it is the way that many of the former World Champions used to make some money. The technology at first was very primitive and the games were really slow to play. The way that the software worked was that individual commands had to be entered in one at a time and then an answer would come back from the head line. 

Over time, however, graphics and user interface improved and this brought with is a number of new online gambling prospects. Online Poker initially just used fake “virtual” money so that players could gain experience without risking their cash. It wasn’t until 1998 online poker real money was brought into existence. It was first introduced by Planet Poker, which was created by Mike Caro. Mike was the initial creator of the site and was very outspoken about it. The first Texas Hold’em, game with real money was held on the site and gave way to a whole new type of gambling. 

The next part of the tale

Once Planet Poker took off, it was soon followed by other sites that wanted to get into the action. This includes Paradise Poker came out in 1999 and Ultimate-Bet was founded in 2000. These other sites offered a variety of games like Seven Card Stud and Omaha. It ultimately turned into large, multiplayer tournaments where big money could be put down. In 2001 major poker tournaments were starting to be held online and people were rushing to the online tables to try their chances at this new Poker medium. 

To keep up with the initiation of all these new users, the software had to be updated. Software was created to handle multiple tables and also the payment of cash through internet lines. Party Poker developed some software capable of those parameters and it has taken off from there. Since then, best online poker sites have the capacity to entertain and meet the needs of hundreds of thousands of online customers without having to worry about the system crashing.

The software has come a long way and continues to be improved as technological advancements are made. We may look back in another decade and reflect on how primitive our current methods are. Either way, online poker has made its way to the mainstream and looks to only increase with time. 

Happy playing! 


Turn Nothing Into Something – Poker Freeroll Tournaments

Freerolls are the free tournaments of online poker. There is no entrance fee as in real life tournaments and there are money prices offering usually by the organizer or by the sponsors of that particular game. How to play better if engaged in such a tournament will be explained in this post, given the fact that people play freerolls in a strange way, and there isn’t such a big commitment because nobody is losing money. 

When deciding to go on and enter a freeroll you must pick a moment when your patience resources are at the top measure. These types of tournaments last a lot mostly because there are many players involved. 

Play aggressively

After entering, you must play more aggressively than you would usually do. When having a hand like AA or KK you must raise or increase the bid. You will surely get a call, because of so many participants. And you need at least one or two or the bid will lose its power after the flop. 

You must play fewer hands. Just wait for the proper cards and play them aggressively. If in normal online poker real money tournaments, played for money, people don’t call all the time when they see a big raise from an aggressive player, in freerolls things usually are quite the opposite. If a bad hand appears, drop it. Drop even hands like 6-6, 4-4. But try not to be predicable because some players might keep an eye on you and if you end up playing the finals with them they can tell the way you playing style. 

Take a good look at your position. It helps to know when you are in the first positions and when you are among the last ones. If you get a hand containing Q-10, J-6 and you are in the first positions you should throw them. If on the other hand you are last then call. 

Find a way to stay focused

As in all types of online poker India games, you have to find a way to stay focused. There are many temptations if you get bored and nothing to restrain you from them. There is TV, emails, chatting, talking on the phone. All that must be avoided. Another thing that you must avoid is bluffing. The chances that someone would actually keep on playing are pretty high in this type of competition. 

Don’t go changing that lucky card or draw. If you almost have a flush or a straight it’s tempting to go along with it. But when you have to give away many chips in order to do that it is not recommended. The one that raised the bid so high must already have something. And you still need a card or two to actually have a good hand. 

These types of tournaments must not be taken as a model. They don’t really mean poker, they are full of beginners and the lack of the actual chance of winning or losing at every hand affects the normal ways of poker. Try not to give importance to hand you’ve lost or won here, just get over them quickly. Freerolls are not to be played forever because they can make you create a style of playing that is not recommended for real poker. Play freerolls when you are a beginner or out of money, and with the money won here play ring games or real tournaments. 

Happy playing!