Poker Online and Energy Drinks may not be a Good Mix

Hey poker online fans! The title of this post might have already raised some eyebrows. But read on and find out the reasons behind our claim. 

The brain and its food 

Your brain is just about 2% of your total body weight but it consumes about 20% of the total energy. It makes use of energy more than your liver, your kidney, your heart, and the other organs you can think of. 

The body makes most of the energy it derives from all the carbohydrates that we consume. And so loading up carbohydrates is essential for our cognitive functions. The brain however makes use of the glucose which is the end product of the processed carbohydrates in our body. The brain does not have big reserve of glucose so it depends on a steady in flow of glucose. Lack glucose and in card game terms you will have poor reads, bad decisions, and of course no chips in the end. 

The truth about carbohydrates 

So, it will be best to eat and drink carbohydrates while playing online poker games. Wrong! Since these are fast acting carbohydrates which flood your blood stream with sugar causing your body to react and level everything off by releasing a huge amount of insulin. So you end up with a dropping blood sugar. 

You need to pick carbohydrates which are low on the GI or Glycemic Index. This group will release sugar in small amounts to your blood stream, causing a steady flow of supply for your brain. Instances of low GI’s are vegetables, grains, and fruits.  So this healthy bunch is your perfect online poker real money food. 

Energy drink 

The energy drinks, just to emphasize, contain fast acting carbohydrates which is actually detrimental to your game. Drink a can and your body will compensate to lower the sugar in your blood stream and your brain ending up hungry for glucose as it calls and folds. 

The key is to eat healthy and have a balance of carbohydrates which will help with your attention, focus, and overall mental well-being. 

Happy playing! 

Playing in a re-buy tournament

Re-buy tournaments can be a lot of fun, but they can also kill your bankroll of you are not careful. Many online poker players get excited about the guarantees and then figure that it is only ₹x and it’s no big deal as long as they don’t re-buy and add on. The problem is, unless you get very lucky very early you are dooming yourself to failure. This is by playing at a limit that you cannot afford to re-buy at. 

The first hour of a re-buy tournament is far from a normal tournament in the online poker India. While you may think you can play poker conservatively and get away with not re-buying. You are going to be put to a decision time and time again by more aggressive players with huge bankrolls. When you have a ₹200 bankroll, you cannot play in a ₹10 re-buy and expect to do well. 

You see, the problem is that the people with the large bankrolls have a tendency to treat this as a 5 or 6 buy in event. So in order to be effective, you need to buy into tournaments that you can do the same thing with. Playing ₹1 and ₹2 buys-ins would be more to your liking. 

Holding the chips longer

In most cases, the first hour of play is all about getting your chips in with the best hand and hoping they hold up. Whether you like it or not, you are more than likely going to have someone at your table. This person is willing to throw their money into the pot every time they play a hand. This is far from a recommendation that you should play poker online that way, you just need to realize that every time you put chips into the middle of the table, you just may have someone come over the top and put you on a decision. 

The question is how do you play against this? First and foremost, don’t ever buy into a re-buy tournament unless you can take advantage of the first online poker real money re-buy right off the bat. You start the tournament with double the chips. And if you do manage to double up, you are well on your way to a monster stack. 

You also need to plan on purchasing a double add on at the break. Anyone who plans on winning this will be doing an add-on. You will fall 4,000 chips behind everyone else in the tourney if you don’t use it. Plan on it! Finally, expect to have to re-buy at least once before the break. That is a total of 6 re-buys that you should plan on paying for. 

Do not play scared

Now you can start to see how only having enough money for the buy in is a problem. A ₹10 re-buy should be treated more like a ₹60 buy in. No while you can play in a ₹6 tournament with a ₹200 bankroll, you have no right getting into a ₹60 tournament. You are going to be playing scared the whole time and we all know that scared money never wins. 

In regards to your actual play, keep it the same way you would play normally. Just expect to have some extra chips in the pot and definitely expect people to be all in on draws. Since they can re-buy, they are going to have no fear about tossing those chips in there. If you are willing to take a little risk, you can take advantage of this and use it to build a stack. If you get a little unlucky, you can either drop out or buy back in and take another shot. 

Remember, when you are playing in a re-buy, expect to pay at least 4 times the buy in overall and preferably 6. Expect to be put on a decision for all of your chips at any time and when you see a draw, if you plan on buying back in if you lose your stack, exploit the situation to get the other player on the draw to put all of their chips in the middle. When your cards hold, you will find that you go into the break with a huge stack. When everyone comes back and play gets back to normal, you will be at a huge advantage and ready to make your run for the final table! 

Happy playing! 

Do Girls Play Poker Online and Should They?

Best online poker is a real man’s game, the pressure the action the thrills. It isn’t a game for genteel ladies, is it? 

Starting off with a fact, there are fewer women pro poker online players than men, not that there is some equal opportunities tribunal you can see about that. Also, it’s not as if poker has a glass ceiling. If you want to play, you can play! And if you want to progress, ain’t anybody stopping you but yourself. 

Poker may be a male dominated sport but there are also plenty of talented women in poker who are up there breaking straights, wining pots and stealing hearts as the go. 

Some guys say “girls just can’t play poker”. These guys should get back in their time machine and return to the 1950’s.

In actual fact female sharks are the toughest and scariest poker online India players, anyone who thinks lacking testicles is the same as lacking balls, doesn’t know much about the fairer gender. 

Men tend to be the more aggressive players than women. This doesn’t mean every woman you play with is a fold waiting to happen. It can be bullied out of every hand a casual toss of chips. 

Females turning pro online poker player

Today more female players than ever before, are learning to play the poker games online, turning professional and going head-to-head (and hand to hand) with the world’s best male players. 

When you think of “typical” female attributes, patience cool common sense, female intuition. Not to mention a vicious streak that would make a snake blush. Does that not sound the bones of a great poker player? 

Though poker is male dominated there are also a number of real talented women in pro poker who have been taking first place at big tournaments women such as  Vanessa RoussoAnnie Duke, Clonie GowenJennifer Tilly, Tina Wallman and Indian poker players like Muskan Sethi, Nikita Luther and many more. 

A female player also has two big advantages over any guy at the table; please feel free to insert your own “Good Pair” joke here. 

In spite of the fact that there are few things more desirable to the average poker Joe as a beautiful woman, with a stack of chip who looks like she’s holding the nuts, don’t make the cardinal sin on thinking that a good looking girl at the table is just there for eye Candy. 

If you do you’ll be outside in the cold with empty pockets before you’ve decided what cup size she is. 

Happy playing! 

Different Factors which Affect the Value of Your Position

Position is crucial especially when you are playing no limit Texas Hold’em poker online. Now how do you determine the scenarios where position is of greater or lesser value? There are several factors you need to consider when evaluating the value of your position. 

We must first understand what a good position on poker games online table is. A lot of people will say that a good position is when you are acting after the other players. True but of course this is not the case in all of the betting rounds. It is hard to simplify the discussion about position and just say that the optimal seat is always the button on the betting rounds post flop. Even the button can have a bad position when the position can be compromised by a preflop raiser. 

Depth of Stacks 

The more money on the table, the higher the chances that the poker online India players will get involve during the betting rounds with more chips being pushed into the middle. When this is the scenario, you can maximize the potentials of your position to outplay the other players. Become a good player and use your position to give your opponents problems. Without using your chips, you can make people commit mistakes as you present them a potential big loss. 

Number of opponents 

If there are a lesser number of opponents on the table, the lesser the risk you have when checking a card or putting a small bet to see a cheap one. The position is less valuable when you are on a heads up and the other player deceives you by betting when he has weak hand or checking when he has monsters. The more players in the pot, the more honest you can expect the betting to be. A late position in a big field of players is the optimal in best online poker. 

Your cards 

Your hand matters a lot in determining the quality of your position. Drawing hands often needs a better position compared to made hands. Other players acting before you may spell a free cad, or a hint to steal, or a chance to complete a draw. 

Happy playing! 

Expert Advice to Win at Poker

One of the most popular card games on the planet, poker online is a game where players are dealt a number of cards (the actual number depends on the game) which are either fully or partially hidden from the others, with the player who has the best combination of cards winning the game. 

Depending on the rules, one or more players are required to ante up or place an initial bet in a central after which the cards are dealt to the players and the game begins. 

Many people make the mistake of thinking that luck is all it takes to win poker games online. In fact, poker is a game of strategy where a cool head and a clear mind can turn a weak combination into a winning one. Here are some tips for playing a winning hand: 

Study your opponents 

Develop a method of playing or a strategy which will help you understand your opponent methods. Use this to identify those who play poker online fair or who is the more calculating player. Knowing your opponents makes it easier to plan your own moves and keep you from losing the game. 

Keep A Poker Face 

A poker face means that you never show a clue as to what cards you hold in your hand. Keep your opponents guessing; make every effort to keep them cautious. If you have a weak hand, try to project a show of strength keep them wondering about what you have in your hands. 

Bluffing is a tactic Use it wisely 

Keep in mind that bluffing will not work if you keep projecting your intentions. At the same time, never bluff consistently or regularly expert players will, sooner or later, recognize a pattern in your playing and use this knowledge against you. 

How Strong Are Your Cards 

Remember that the best combination of cards wins. If the hand you’re dealt with is less than a pair, fold at the earliest possible time. Don’t wait in the hope that you will be dealt with better cards because chances are that this will not happen. 

Learn from the song 

You’ve got to know when to hold on when to fold up? One of the most difficult aspects of the game knows when to keep playing, or when to quit while you’re ahead. As you play poker, you learn how to feel the game you know how much or how little to bet, you get a sense of when it is best to stay in the game or pull out. 

One rule of thumb: never assume that later cards will improve your situation, especially if you have nothing to play with. Folding one’s hand is not a disgrace do so as often as you feel it is necessary. 

Have Control, Especially When Playing

Very few people actually win fortunes when playing poker online India, so bet with your head, not with your guts. Keep within your limits and don’t lose your shirt. 

Don’t Drink and Play 

Alcohol can lower your inhibitions and make you lose control. You may become more daring and brash, betting more on not-so-good card combinations, and missing opportunities to turn weak hands into winning ones. Avoid drinking especially if it is a high-stakes game. 

And finally: learn the game. Spend time to develop your own style, as well as how to put together a strategy for playing the game. Practice makes perfect and the more you play, the more experience you gain, all of which will help you in developing your own secrets to winning at poker. 

Happy playing! 

What Do the Playing Card Suits Represent?

The deck of cards we use today to play poker online have evolved much since the ancient time. They were always hearts, diamonds, spades and clubs. 

Let us dig in to know what were they during the ancient times and then we can sit in the table to play poker. 

Through the centuries and while playing the online poker games, numerous nations have adapted card decks so that the shades, emblems, styles, and even the card names significantly reflect tradition and cultures. In the United States particularly, the symbols on a standard poker deck of English cards are known as pips, and modern decks presently display the four suits of hearts and diamonds in red, and clubs and spades in black. However, these suits and colours had a long history of evolution. 

The Beginning 

There’s no ultimate authority on when the playing card was first created. But, early reports recommend that the 1st playing cards may possibly have been used as early on the late 1200s in China and the late 1300s in Europe. A few reports say that the initial cards were used as early on the 9th century, but many reports also recommend that the Chinese game of leaves that retains this title, didn’t truly use cards, and so people debate if that ought to count as the beginning of playing cards. 

It is thought that the Chinese were the earliest to use suited cards, which symbolized money. Their suits were coins, strings of coins, myriads of strings, and tens of myriads. The Mamluks of Egypt revised these and passed them down to Europeans in the Middle Ages, roughly in 1370s. 

It is normally believed that the four suits in a deck of contemporary English playing cards obtain from French decks of cards that were created from the Germanic suits roughly in 1480. Consequently, the Germans adapted their suits from the Latin suits. The names we today use stem from English names, a few of which carried over from the Latin suits. 

Latin Suits 

The Latin suits were cups, coins, clubs, and swords. The word for sword is spade in Italian and espadas in Spanish, and that was stored in English. The ranking of suits most likely eventually stems from the Chinese tradition, which was straighter linked to a worth. 

Germanic Suits 

In German-speaking lands, the Latin suits were revised in the 15th century. Around 1450, the Swiss-Germans used play card suits to represent roses, bells, acorns, and shields. But, the Germans changed these to hearts, bells, acorns, and leaves. In spite of the changes, but, the card suits looked identical to each other. 

French Suits 

The French suits that now commonly appear in the United States a variance of the Germanic suits. They keep the hearts, but instead of bells, they made use of carreaux, which are tiles or diamonds. Interesting, there was a crescent suit rather than diamonds before the French settled on diamonds. The acorns became trèfles, standing for clovers or clubs. Instead of leaves, they had piques for pikes or spades. 

In one legend, the French suits symbolize the four classes. Spades represent nobility, hearts stand for the clergy, diamonds symbolize the vassals or merchants, and clubs are peasants. In the German tradition, bells (which turned out to be the French diamonds) were the nobility, and leaves (which turned out to be the French clubs) were the merchant middle class. 

England Gets Playing Cards from France 

French cards were exported to England around 1480, and the English carried over their names for clubs and spades from the older Latin suits. Import of foreign playing cards was banned in 1628 in England, so they started to produce their own cards. The French Rouen designs of the face cards were reworked by Charles Goodall and Sons in the 19th century to give us the regular designs seen in the present day. 

Happy playing! 

Fans Prefer Texas Hold’em to Other Poker Types

Different persons identify specific issues by the expression of leisure. However, the effect is always identical. They obtain biggest amusement getting back to their favored sort of pleasure again. Nonetheless, there are favorites as always. For instance, poker online players who spend days on online poker sites specify Texas Hold’em being one of the most valuable poker games attainable. That poker version certainly calls the most of participants’ curiosity. 

Likely the basis is in the age and historic meaning that let most poker online participants believe that it’s a father of all other poker games online. Although, depending on historical facts stud poker appeared to be the primary forebear for all other poker kinds. Anyhow, it doesn’t matter looking at those gains that greatest Texas Hold’em members withdraw from this game.  

Actually, capturing proportions of game’s jackpot with their eyes they’re not able to think about anything else but hitting it. Likewise, that’s unfair to claim that this info has entirely neglected. Diligent and rather devoted poker online India players really dig out material about their preferred poker type in the web. And they seem to compensate much for the diligence once they uncover. The poker contests mainly identified as the games played primarily by wealthy. 

Players appreciating Texas Hold’em games

Hence, why do players appreciate Texas Hold’em games that much? To start with it might be outlined that Texas Hold’em poker is generally advisable to newcomers. Obviously, there are grounds for that. The matter is that Hold’em poker and online Texas Hold’em in particular considered the simplest poker type to study and exercise standard poker rules.  

As they’re merely performed by Texas Hold’em rules newbie poker participants find it quite effortless and enjoyable to study the schemes of the game anytime they play poker online. As always when they just start grasping poker they assume mistakenly that to remember poker hands is the most complex in poker playing. Throughout ages, nonetheless, it turns out that thorough focus is the fundamental. This is regarding winning at poker and the most complicate to master. 

The inquiry about a considerable number of gamers dwelling on poker pages could be pretty pat. The answer is plain. They literally get much cash to play poker on the internet. Nonetheless, those amounts still cannot be compared to the jackpots that they all have a chance to hit during Texas Hold’em tournaments. The tours seem some completely outstanding poker events that demand a lot of knowledge and special abilities which might be perfected due to difficult work and appropriate preparations. 

That is why they are after best poker online site which could provide them with lots of practice. Apart from considerable prizes poker gamers also highlight that they adore such tournaments as they obtain good probabilities of showing off as undoubtedly mature poker players and becoming recognized amongst poker gamers. The experience they admire mostly. 

Happy playing!  

Tips and Information for Playing in Poker Tournaments

Poker tournaments are exciting, multi-round events that can vary in length, type, structure, and size. Players contribute a set amount of cash to the house and the tournament’s prize pool, and in return, receive a number of poker chips for use during the tournament. 

Tournaments operate on the basis of eliminating players who run out of chips. At regular intervals, the blinds, antes, or limits raised to make the game more difficult and eliminate more players. Depending on the type of tournament, it’s important to adjust your strategy according to the different rules and costs. 

Key Tournament Terms: 

Entry Fee: The fee a player pays to the house. This is a relatively small amount of money in comparison to the buy-in. 

Buy-In: The amount of money it costs after paying the entry fee to participate in aonline poker tournament and receive chips. Chip amounts vary for each tournament and the buy-ins are added to the tournament prize pool. 

Re-buy: The option to buy additional chips. Rules vary regarding the amount of chips a player may have in their possession in order to buy more. 

Add-on: Option for purchasing more chips at certain times during the tournament regardless of the amount of chips in a player’s possession. 

Prize Pool: The total amount of prizes and money up for grabs at a tournament, consisting of all the player buy-ins, add-ons, and re-buys, in addition to the amount contributed by the tournament host. 

Round: The amount of time specified in a tournament for each betting limit. Length varies from tournament to tournament, often according to tournament size. 

General Tips 

Regular online poker India playing tips apply here, in addition to some of the adjustments necessary for tournaments. It’s important to increase your stack slowly throughout the tournament. Going for the big wins early on may be repairable if you don’t succeed. But later on, too much aggressive playing will get you eliminated before you realize you’ve made a mistake. Observe your opponents’ patterns in different situations as the tournament progresses to get an idea of playing style. Make a good opponent model so you’ll know exactly when to push and when to bluff. 

If it’s a Single Table Tournament: 

Be careful of playing online poker real money aggressively on suited connectors. Their value is lower than expected since people are going to be short stacked, so if you still decide to call, only do so at the beginning of the tournament. 

Pay attention and keep track of the players you’re competing against since you may run into them again if you continue playing single table tournaments with the same buy-in. 

It’s a Multi Table Tournament: 

If you’re short stacked and it’s already much later on in the tournament, consider going all in pre-flop to try and steal the blinds even if your hand isn’t looking so great, rather than waiting and going all in on the flop. 

There tournaments are long and last awhile, so be prepared for a full-day event and pace yourself. Place your bets wisely. 

Happy playing! 

Take Away Chips from Tight Passive Players

Your opponents at an online poker table who use a tight-passive playing style are often referred to as rocks. A rock tends to have extremely rigid requirements in selecting which starting hands to play. They also don’t often display aggression, either before or after the flop. When you do find a rock betting or re-raising pre-flop, be certain that he’s holding a high pocket pair. But the typical lack of aggression on most hands other than or something similar can mean that a rock fails to get optimal value on his winning hand. 

Perhaps you’re wondering why someone would employ such a playing style. That seems somewhat boring and only enters pots with the very best of hands. Nature of such weak-tight play tends to avoid losses due to not playing hands that have slim chance of winning. The strategy of online poker game can be successful if a rock happens to get action from other players on the hands he chooses to play. By minimizing his participation in weak hands, the rock does away with getting involved in hands in which he may not have the best of it. 

There are number of strategies to employ when facing a rock on felt to maximize your profitability. The first would be to open up your range of starting hands. This would include hands that may hit the flop in a big way such as suited connectors and small or mid-level pocket pairs. If you happen to flop trips versus a rock and make the proper sized bets, you can be paid off handsomely in some instances. Especially, if your poker online weak-tight opponent has an overpair to the community cards on the board! 

Range of playable hands should be extended 

Your range of playable hands should also be extended. As aggressive betting on your part can often time push a rock off his hand. Take down pots even though your hand may not be legitimate. As opposed to a tight-aggressive poker online player, a tight-passive player has a tendency to look for reasons to fold instead of seeking ways in which to win. When the board shows a possible straight or flush or pairs up to allow for the chance of a full house. Rocks often falsely believe that their opponent made their hand and hit the straight or flush.  

For this reason, your bluff attempts versus a rock should be quite liberal, taking advantage of his tendency to fold at the sight of danger on the board. You can always fold if your bluffs are met with a raise. But more times than not, you’ll be pushing a tight-passive player off of the pot unless his hand is very strong. 

The ideal positioning at the table against a rock is to be seated to his immediate right. You want to be acting first not only to push him off pots that he has entered. But may be reluctant to continue, also to steal his blinds that he will tend to not defend. Should he choose to call your raise and defend his blind. You can always rely on outplaying him post-flop knowing that his range is extremely narrow. 

Calling station passivity not the best way to maximize value 

Rocks can sometimes be frustrating to encounter as they may check and call all the way to fifth-street with strong hands. This situation is difficult because they may not raise even with a premium hand–choosing instead to call–which doesn’t let you know the full strength of their hand. The calling station passivity is not the best way to maximize value. However, if your hand is weak and your intent is to push a rock off the pot by betting but a fold is not forthcoming. You must re-evaluate the situation and assume that your weak-tight rival may have you beat or he would have folded. 

Weak-tight players only play the best starting hands. And often won’t play them strongly, preferring instead to check and call than raise. A rock will rarely ever bluff and if he bets. You can generally be sure that his hand is a strong one. The ways to take advantage of a rock include widening your range of starting hands. Bluffing even without legitimate hands as rocks tend to fold at the sign of danger. And try to seat yourself in front of the rock to act first and be aggressive. 

Remember to muck your cards if a rock won’t seem to fold and your hand is weak. Using these tactics, rocks are profitable to play poker against in the long run. However, count on winning small and frequent pots instead of a massive score. Being involved in a huge pot with a rock could spell trouble, because the weak-tight approach won’t allow them to enter such a pot without being sure of winning, so be forewarned. 

Happy playing! 

Manage a Maniac Online Poker Games Player

If you’ve played online poker for even a short length of time, it’s a good bet that you’ve run into a maniac player at your table. Constantly betting and raising and seemingly involved in every hand. This is with no apparent regard for strategic maneuvering except to bet a lot and to bet often. The maniac player presents a unique challenge. Without a doubt, the maniac causes every player at the table to alter their playing strategy. In order to combat and play successfully against a maniac, it’s vital not to be intimidated by the aggressive tactics of such a reckless player who shows no apparent regard for the value of a dollar. 

You may be curious why anyone would play in such a fashion and disregard a basic theory of poker online, which is to play only the hands that have a good chance of winning. There may be deep-seated psychological reasons for such behavior. Such as need to control the action at table and have all eyes focused on what he does next. Or the maniac may simply enjoy gambling and is fortunate to be blessed with enough cash to throw around. Without delving too deep into the psyche of such a player, it’s important to realize that the maniac’s style of play. It can be advantageous in certain situations, such as heads-up competition against an opponent. This opponent tends to play passively or even short-handed tables with reluctant bettors. 

Deal with a maniac at the table 

So let’s examine the best ways to combat the maniac at your table. First of all, it will be crucial to tighten up your game and play only the best starting hands. This is problematic if you happen to run into a string of bad cards. But it’s important to restrain yourself when you see all the chips and money flying around the table and the maniac sometimes taking down pots with garbage hands. Stick to a game plan of playing only premium hands. As if you widen your range you are playing into the intent of the maniac. This is to get you in on the action with weak or marginal hands. The maniac would love nothing more than a wild game with many players competing for very huge pots. 

Your position at the table is vital to being successful versus a maniac. You want very much to sit to his left and have the advantage of always acting after him. If you are seated to his right, you will find yourself at a huge disadvantage and frustrated at having the maniac constantly betting and raising right behind you. If it’s possible to change seats to get in a better position, do so. 

Whether playing online or in live action, it often seems that other players seated at the table cannot stop themselves from commenting on the maniac’s playing style. The remarks made are overwhelmingly of a disparaging nature. This is detrimental to the game as the maniac may take his reckless and free-wheeling play elsewhere. Despite the maniac’s style and ability to influence the actions of the entire table, you don’t want him to leave. If you play correctly against a maniac, your profit potential can be enormous.  

Comments are best left unsaid 

Its best to let the maniac think that he can completely dominate the game. Let him believe that he can manipulate and run all over you. Quietly biding your time to counter his aggressiveness with proper strategies. A prime sin of online poker is underestimating your opponent. If the maniac feels that he can control you, he is committing a fatal error in not being cognizant of your skills in fending off his reckless style. 

The maniac tends to meet his demise when other players become more disciplined and play poker in a technically correct fashion. When facing only one or two other opponents in a hand due to most players catching on and shortening their range of playable hands, it’s very likely that at least one of those two players will have a better hand. So your best defense is usually a tight-aggressive playing style that cashes in on the maniac’s multitude of bets and raises. If you wait patiently for the best hand and are confronted by excessive betting and raising by the maniac, you should hold your ground instead of being intimidated into folding. 

Regardless of experience and talent, playing too many hands. And tossing way too much money into pots with the worst hand in hopes of inducing a fold. Or catching a miracle card on the river is not a winning strategy over the test of time.  

When confronted with a maniac at your table, remember to play tight-aggressive. Seat yourself to the left of the maniac if possible, induce bluffs by checking to the maniac. And raise after he bets when you know you have the best of it. Don’t attempt bluffs as they won’t work. Let the maniac think that he’s the greatest player on the planet.  

Happy playing!