The 5 Costliest Poker Mistakes Made By Players

We all have a basic understanding of Texas Hold’em. We know the rules and how the game is played. What most of us don’t know is basic strategy and what it takes to win. Most people like to think they have it all figured out and play their own style. Yet, they can’t seem to understand why they lose almost always. You’re now asking yourself, what are these mistakes and how do we fix them? Let’s start with the costliest of the online poker mistakes.

Limping into pots

Most beginning players will look down and see some sort of hand they feel is playable.

Regardless of where they sit at the table, they will decide to limp in and look to see a flop. Next thing you know someone raises the pot in you online poker India.

The flop comes down and we completely miss every piece of it and are forced to fold our hand. The very next hand the same set of actions takes place and yet again we lose more money. Yes, sometimes we will hit our hand and win some chips, but that will happen far less often than the times we lose money.

The reality is that you probably would have never lost to if you had raised pre-flop. The purpose of raising pre-flop is to put more money in the pot when we have a strong hand. It also gets people out of the pot with weaker hands and gives us the greatest possibility of winning the hand. Continue reading “The 5 Costliest Poker Mistakes Made By Players”

Most Helpful Online Poker Tips for Learners

If you would like to enjoy amazing joy and play clever in this circumstance online poker is the right activity just for you. It’s truly fun; it’s entertaining and in fact is a very good means of making a bit of money. Do you happen to be a recent player? If the answer is affirmative, have a look at the poker tips. Take some time to go through them and get yourself prepared for good time. 

It is important to know that online poker India isn’t a basic game of luck. It’s pretty different from the common card games when there is a little probability of winning and that you will go on acing in future. Poker is a game of strategies, when the skill is preferred more than fortune. The fortune will become unimportant on the long run.  

It’s crucial not to lose focus while watching every single part of this game. Watching of the game is critical, for the cause that you should be able to determine possibilities looking at your own cards and the outs. Another significant factor is self-control. Don’t get stunned when the opponents become very loud or irritating; they only aim to destroy your concentration. You should at all times try to stay focused and cold. Continue reading “Most Helpful Online Poker Tips for Learners”

Various Stages of Online Poker Tournament

A succeeding player of poker tournaments is someone who is capable of reading the face and mind of his opponents. And at the same time alter gear all the way through a tournament. If you are playing the tournament of poker live or over online, each tournament can be divided into three stages. The early stage of the tournament, the middle stage of the tournament and the final stage of the tournament. 

A variety of strategies used to win the tournaments of online poker. And different players of poker follow different tactics and have their own style of playing the casino game. 

The early stage of the tournament 

In a competition of freeze out, almost all the players will play tight at the beginning of the tournament. As they are scared to be abolished. Most of the players feel terrible if they abolished at the beginning of the tournament. And will be frightened to go into the pot and put at risk their chips. There a few players who will play more aggressively and try to construct a big stack rapidly. Continue reading “Various Stages of Online Poker Tournament”

3 Reasons to Select Cash Games over Poker Tournaments

At some point, every poker player ponders on playing cash game poker and poker tournaments. Think about which one is better to play.  

Each has their merits and are recreational, making the professional poker players love both. Some of the players choose tournaments over cash games while others select cash games over the tournaments. Both have some difference and it is the preference of the players which lead them to the success of the poker games online. Both have their own style and strategy.  

Many online poker players still use cash games as their primary or sole source of poker income. Let’s take a brief look at the reason of your selecting cash games. 

Cash games are more flexible 

Cash games online poker offers you flexibility over tournaments in numerous areas. The cash games can offer a lower buy-in than most low stake tournaments. Continue reading “3 Reasons to Select Cash Games over Poker Tournaments”

Tips for Security on Online Poker Game

For all online poker lovers, particularly cash game players, it is very essential to be mindful against any online security harm. With cyber crime on the boost, it occurs several times when hackers use malicious software to target poker players to claim their significant bankrolls or harassing their reputation. Although most of the trustworthy best online poker sites always invest in tight security measures; but it is even the task of the players to assure all security measures to secure them. 

Here are a few tips to secure your online poker accounts: 

Security suites, software updates

Don’t settle down for a simple antivirus program you discovered for free or already been bundled with your OS. Always choose for a robust anti-malware security suite that offers safety against viruses, Trojans, key loggers, spam etc. Online best poker sites players ought to use such security suites, including a firewall; it will help stop someone from finding your machine. Paid services are generally updating more frequently, so you always guard from the latest risks. Always download the most recent free software updates be it for your OS or any third-party program.  Continue reading “Tips for Security on Online Poker Game”

Distract Poker Opponent through Poker Chip Tricks

Whether you are playing poker online or playing in the casino for a live match, you may have your own particular chip tricks. These tricks you can simply use as a trump card to distract your opponent at the poker table. Basically, using poker chip tricks to distract the opponents has proven successful to numerous online poker players.  

Let’s take a look on a few poker chip tricks which you can practice easily while you are playing poker tournaments. 

Chip Shuffle 

This trick is where you take 2 stacks of chips. And use your fingers to splice them together into 1 big stack. You should start off doing 6-8 chips, so have stacks of 3-4 chips that are touching each other. You thumb goes onto the left lower side of the left stack. Your index finger should go in between the 2 stacks and touch the chips where the chips meet. Your middle and ring fingers go on the right side of the right stack of chips. Continue reading “Distract Poker Opponent through Poker Chip Tricks”

Harder Poker Tells to Hide

Online Poker Tells : You Cant Hide During Poker Tournaments

The poker tournaments are getting as much popular in India as are the online poker games! Poker tournaments are tricky yet entertaining, just like the poker online.  

The game of poker has its moment. Sometimes it seems that the game is easy to play. Obviously, it looks easy and fun to play when you have decent hands to play with and take down your opponent. Whether you are a pro or a beginner of the game, during poker tournaments, in spite of the strength of your hand, your body gives out some automatic responses at the high situations. In spite of your best efforts, it might be tough to control them.  Continue reading “Harder Poker Tells to Hide”

Bluff Raising the River

Bluff Raising The River at Online Poker

When we first starts out in online poker, each of us have aspects of the game that are more attractive to us, based on what it was that appealed us to the game in the first place. For numerous of us, our insights about poker come largely from media depictions of the game. The way the media has showed poker over the last 2 decades, has lots to do with why people are attracted to the game as a pastime. People think of poker as being an overgenerous display of psychological warfare. And they’re always very preoccupied with the bluff tactics followed in the game. 

This is mostly as they’ve seen instances of big bluffs on TV made by pros. There the player just decides their opponent doesn’t have it and goes with their read. These plays are impressive as people are largely too taken in by the notion of poker online as a battle of big egos, more so than a battle of strategy more akin to chess. Continue reading “Bluff Raising the River”

Boxing and Poker

Similarities Between Boxing and Poker

When you are passionate about some game such as the online poker, then you will not need us to tell you that it can and frequently it take to many years to bring perfection in the game and master the game. 

Let us tell you about another sport which is though not similar to poker online but is still similar to poker game in many aspects. In a boxing match no two boxers punch, jab or move around the ring in the exact same way and half of the battle of becoming a professional and successful boxer is taking time to perfect the art of that sport! 

So let’s find out what those similarities are:  Continue reading “Boxing and Poker”

Acting Out of Turn in Your Poker Game

What is The Meaning Of ” Acting Out of Turn” in Online Poker Game

Out of all the mistakes which poker online players make, acting out of turn is the most common errors they can make. It is the one which causes the majority of the disputes. When a player acts out of turn, it is normally seen he/she folds, checks, raises or bets the hand. Players do this before action gets to him/her. Players can even act out of turn by turning the cards face up. It is done at the showdown before all opponents have completed acting on their hands.  

Apart from being against the rules, acting out of turn is assumed as a bad poker etiquette as it offers unfair benefits to the online poker players who were supposed to act first during the game. They get the info which they shouldn’t have gotten. In particular , what a player behind them is planning to do with his hand. 

As we know poker is the game of information, acting out of turn in the game spoils the fun of the game.   Continue reading “Acting Out of Turn in Your Poker Game”